A person this summer launched vicious internet attacks via YouTube, email & an Amazon Book review.

What's still publicly visible is the 1-star Amazon book review for "Listening to Angels" dated
August 14, 2022 from Jeff Mara Podcast audience member Teri Harris (aka TL Harris/ Teri Hansen).

Via 2 different YouTube accounts and direct email, she attacked Michael on his integrity,
methods, humor, getting tired at session's end, his physical looks, his company name, acting like a "McDonald's worker" and so on. She repeatedly insinuates Michael's work is fake too.
The situation is surreal since she spent 6.5+ total hours with Michael on a 4-hour paid session.
Here's her email to Michael right after a paid 4-hour, May 1 session that went 5.5+ hours via Zoom:

'... "Thanks for the picture, Michael, and thanks again... for hanging in there with me.

I appreciate your dedication and it's nice to be treated with dignity and grace...
I already had my first "miracle."


These are her words.


At session's end on May 1, Michael offered an unasked-for additional hour
set for June 25 (8 weeks later) to give her plenty of time after what was an unusually slow start.


The June 25 hour lasted 75+ minutes. Both times, she gave the equivalent of a thumbs up at the end.

Fast forward to July... Michael stumbled on very negative, personal YouTube attacks
she posted on the JeffMara Podcast channel, using accounts under 2 names.


Within minutes of spotting her comments, Michael issued an unasked-for, full refund.

2 courtesy emails informed her about the refund and that it had successfully landed in her account.
Her response to the out-of-the-blue, surprise refund was to label it as "yet another bribe."

The refund was issued because Michael does not take money associated with negativity.

Her YouTube comments were removed by The JeffMara Show for abusive/ defamatory language.

The comments section for Michael's show appearance (19,500+ views/ 950 likes) was hidden
so 250+ viewer comments are now gone, including the following testimonial

from a very visible member of the JeffMara Podcast community (52,500 audience).

Jeff & Mara actually know "Typo" too since this person has appeared as a guest on the show.

Typo heard & saw Angels with Michael and provided this wonderful testimonial:


“Mystical, magical, and a blessing to the world! I stopped the video at the 1/2 way point to make the first available appointment with him… now I am back to finish the video!

When a blessing like this comes into my awareness, I have learned to grab on tight!

Thank you, Michael, for bringing your talent and teachings to our group
and as always, thank you Jeff & Mara for your wonderful platform!
- “Typo” • May
2022 • USA


In the 8/14 Amazon 1-star review, Teri Harris sensationalizes someone else's refund.

Yes, a second refund was issued to a person overseas who never did a session.

They didn't like an answer Michael gave to an emailed question and so demanded a refund.

A refund was promptly issued.

Also, yes, Michael can get tired after long sessions. It's why 5-hour sessions were discontinued in 2022.

This is clearly noted on the website in the disclaimer section. Michael assists energetically...

What's the bottom line?

Teri Harris is deliberately misrepresenting or skipping facts to inflict harm or be mean.
This is her choice. Her actions and attacks are entirely on her.

Michael is sorry Teri Harris is not happy anymore and wishes her well on her life path ahead.

She is welcome to pull down her Amazon review anytime too.

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