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Michael loves using sage bundles and incense sticks.
He recommends purchasing yours from a California company called Juniper Ridge.

Their incense sticks are all natural and amazing in quality.

The White Sage, Desert Piñon, Cedar, California Juniper & Sweetgrass
incense sticks are $12 for each packet (20 sticks).

Michael has been using their sage and incense products for about a decade.

Michael does not receive any compensation from this company.

Their bundles of sage are large, of great quality and are also $12 each. While many healers will light the whole bundle for a ceremony, Michael breaks off enough pieces to fill a tea light.
This works just as well.

Want some fun?

Watch Michael use their sage on-air as a guest when he blows sage smoke
from SATX to his show hosts in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada and the US.

Check out their reactions. Studio producers and staff have also caught the scent.

Use his YouTube Channel or the "Shows" page here to find those videos.
While watching, why not receive the sage smell yourself? Allow, Ask & Receive!

And remember too that you don't always have to use an actual incense stick
or sage bundle to smell sage, cedar, etc..

You may ask Geronimo to bring a sacred scent to you right now.

Visit the home page to find his photo near Audrey Hepburn's. Say a quick hello from your heart
and allow Geronimo to bring you a sacred scent in the air.

Juniper, Desert Piñon, Sweetgrass, Pine, Tobacco, Douglas Fir, Juniper, Cedar,
A Gentle Sedona Wind, Wildflowers, Spruce... You get the idea.

And while at it, close your eyes and maybe receive a beautiful vision too?
At least hear a river, babbling brook, or the wind in the trees and so on. Enjoy!
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