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4-Person Group Angel Session (3 hrs)

Meet Many Angels & Guides plus expand your intuitive skills.

  • 3 hours
  • 1,000 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

This 3-hour GROUP session is for 4 people via Zoom for $1,000. Organize your own group of 4, which means your group must be able to show up that day on time. There are NO REFUNDS for this specific service. This service offers the most value at $250/ person but is for the confident. Warm up exercises (e.g., smell sage, see auras on your hands, etc.). Then meet Angels and other loving figures to get answers for your life, career or business needs. This is all direct. Chat with Angels, Mother Teresa, Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Plato, etc. There are 100+ Angels available plus many other loving figures listed on the website's front page. Meet your Guardian Angel & a passed-over loved one (time permitting). Michael will make as many introductions as possible. You only have to let go to Allow for this. How does this all happen? Connect with the Universe with no barriers. Allow, Ask & Receive. Easy! In this session, you may also close your eyes to visit with Angels in a new way. This is a chance to travel within and be guided by Angels, as if in a sitting meditation. Angels do everything. Visit India, the Middle East, Tibet, Hawaii, Ancient Egypt, and so on. These places are brought to you by Angels. Walk the Akashic Records with Angels, for example. Sit with Native American Chiefs in a Western USA outdoor setting. You may even go on a surf trip to "hang ten" with Angels. That's right. Surf like a pro with Angels anywhere in the world. Swim with dolphins (Angels). Talk to Michael about this. It's his favorite part of the service to offer (again, time permitting). 100's have already surfed in gorgeous settings. Some doing this at the same time have seen each other (eyes closed) too. Grow your confidence and expand your Awareness and skills. Check out the written & video testimonials for encouragement and flavor. Also, read "Listening to Angels" (20 minutes). Contact Michael with questions before booking this particular session, if needed.

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