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8-Wk Inner Journey With Angels ($3,000)

A Weekly 90-min session for 8 wks (12 hours/ $250 hourly)

  • 15 min
  • Free
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Service Description

Spend 15 minutes with Michael to explore this very special 8-week program. You can ONLY book this with Michael directly via Zoom AFTER an exploratory call. This is 12 hours spread out over 8 weeks as eight 90-min sessions. You have the power to change and be want you want. Allow the Universe to assist you. With this program & the help of many Angels, Guides, etc., you can: • Expand your awareness/ intuitive abilities. • Remember why you're here & what you exist to do • Find what is needed within instead of seeking it from outside sources • Connect with your potential • Get all your answers DIRECTLY for life, career and/ or business needs. • Get healing. This is between you and the Universe. Michael does not see your questions or answers. Again, this is entirely direct. All languages/ dialects are spoken. Angels also communicate in just the way you need to hear everything based on your personality or value system preferences. They know how to navigate "you." In each session, you'll also spend 10 minutes eyes-closed on a trip with Angels. This is more real than a lucid dream or even the waking dream you are currently in. 10 minutes of our time is 15+ over there. Let Angels bring you the following setting/ experiences: - India - Ancient Egypt - Tibet - Nepal - Hawaii (This is a surf trip first. You get to surf like a pro with other Angels. Then luau after!) - Native American setting - Middle East desert oasis - Walk the Akashic Records with Angels Let Angels show you a clear path with clear goals & how to act on them. Allow for a wonderful 12 hours total with Michael. Let him show you how more is possible and how to connect with Angels and many other unconditional love figures. Thanks. REMINDERS ABOUT MICHAEL "Michael opens the door to "our" realm for others to experience." - Archangel Gabriel "Michael expedites meetings with us so we can do our work too." - Sri Shirdi Sai Baba "Michael removes the veil." - Sri Kaleshwar "Mike guides you to find what is needed within, instead of seeking it from outside sources..." - Minnuala (his Guardian Angel/ orange-ish silhouette photo on website's landing page) "Michael allows all and sets free those who have created their own barriers." - Buddha "Michael does this unimaginable work that no man does yet. He connects you to yourself and the universe without a barrier." - an Angel named Herb (Big Kahuna type of coach) "Michael opens people up to new possibilities." - Mary

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