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Meet 3 Fun Angels (One hour)

Hear, Feel & See 3 Angels (1 hr). Gain confidence & get answers.

  • 1 hour
  • 250 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Michael meets with you via Zoom. Meet 3 Angels named Joy, Charlotte & Minnuala. This session is for 1 hour. WHAT HAPPENS? Michael emails you 3 Angel photos, a Q&A sheet for use during the session & some tips. During your session, Michael takes you step by step through the process of letting go to meet Angels. WHO ARE THE 3 ANGELS? Joy, Charlotte & Minnuala (Minn) Joy is JOY! She's the emotion Joy & an ambassador/ communicator here to make this all easier for you. In her photo, she's a pink ball of light, although she's a white light in Michael's December 30, 2022 video as she flies overhead. Visit his YouTube Channel or: Charlotte is a teacher, like the favorite one you recall from 3rd grade or 3rd form. She's here with words of encouragement meant to help you expand in Life. Minnuala (Minn) is a gentle professor who helps people see beyond their immediate situation and to be at peace. She is light waves of energy in water and often appears as a Pacific Princess. On Michael's "LIstening to Angels" book cover, the 2 balls of light are Charlotte (blue) & Minn (white). Read this book first. It takes 15 minutes and is written by Angels. Very light reading! Minn's photos are also on this website's first page, next to Sai Baba, Geronimo & Audrey Hepburn. She's the orange silhouette top left but also the 2 overlapping white balls of light nearby. WHAT ELSE TO KNOW? Warmup by seeing auras on your hands. See colors, white or rainbow light. Letting go is letting go. Your Heart knows what to do already. Everyone has the ability to let go and experience more in the moment. Trust that Angels exist and your answers and much more will come. Get answers from Angels for any topics. Get hugs. See with your eyes open. Michael keeps everything light and fun. You should be able to repeat these actions on your own in the future. Again, let Angels provide step-by-step guidance for any situation, plus show you the bigger picture. Feel lots of Love. There's loads of humor too. Quickly feel at ease with these 3 fantastic Angels.

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