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Relax with Joy, your 1st Angel (40 min)!

Introductory service. Meet your very 1st Angel named Joy! $150

  • 40 minutes
  • 150 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

This is a short 40-minute class for those unsure about their own abilities or the concept of meeting an Angel for the 1st time. Joy is the 1st Angel everyone meets. She's the Ambassador or Communicator who helps hold open the space for you to let go, be in your heart and embrace more within and around you. She's Joy! Yes, the emotion itself. A pink ball of light. See the "Pics for Sale" page to glimpse her beneath the watermark. Photos will move and change color, if you will Allow for this. Thinking about taking a class but still not sure? Spend $3 on Joy's photo. Carry her photo on your iPhone for a while. Look at it on a break or when outside. See what happens! Talk one way to her. Yup. Make requests. As Winnie-the-Pooh says, "Everyone talks to Animals. No one listens." There's loads of Thinking going on these days. Not a lot of Awareness! Shocked? It just means tons of opportunity for growth for us all. Here's your chance to take Action. Grow your Awareness with Joy! Let her assist you. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THIS CLASS The emphasis is on helping you let go to be in your heart and do basic feeling and hearing. If there is time, Michael will help you see Joy in "Light Energy" form only, as opposed to "full-on" (out your window where you see her as a human standing there with wings out or tucked in). This is a very short class, and so the seeing part is ONLY "as time permits" and is not promised or guaranteed as part of this course work. This is entirely up to Michael. That said, Michael will try to provide a brief seeing part, depending on how fast a person lets go at the start. Michael likes to make sure he delivers so a person has tons of fun. To repeat, this class is really about the BASICS: a few gentle baby steps in 40 minutes to nudge a person towards more Openness, Love and Fun and, of course, to meet an Angel named Joy! For this class, Michael strongly recommends reading "Listening to Angels" ($4.99 on Amazon, etc.): The book is a 20-minute read and was actually written by Angels! Of course, if you think somehow Michael wrote this, he will thank you profusely. With the book, you get 7+ photos of Angels (a $21 value). Final reminder: the focus of this class is NOT on getting all your Life, Business or Career answers. Yes, you will get some of your questions answered. Yes, you can get some detail. This is a starter course for total beginners.

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