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Relax with Joy, your 1st Angel (40 min)

Introductory service: Meet your very 1st Angel named Joy!

  • 40 minutes
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

This is a 40-minute, one-on-one course for those unsure about their abilities or the concept of meeting, hearing, feeling & possibly seeing an Angel. This service's focus is on your ability to let go and be still in the heart. This session is not intended for established healers or those comfortable with their intuition. Joy is the very first Angel everyone meets. She's the Ambassador or Communicator who helps you open up, be in your heart and embrace more within and around you. She's the emotion JOY itself. A pink ball of light. Great laugh. Peppy voice! See a photo of her on the "Pics for Sale" page. Spend $3 on Joy's photo. Carry it on your iPhone. Photos can move and change color. Why not? No limits! When you book this session, you will receive a photo of her by email. Look at her on a break or when outside. Listen. Ask for a hug. Put your hand out to feel her vibe. See what happens! And there's much more. IMPORTANT REMINDER This class is about helping you do basic feeling and hearing with Joy. If there's time, you might see Joy in "Light Energy" form. In the other Angel sessions, people may see her "full-on" out a window, standing there as a human, with/ without wings. Chat with Joy that way! In this session, seeing is "as time permits" (not promised/ guaranteed), and this is up to Michael and the clock. Michael strongly recommends the eBook "Listening to Angels": It's a 20-minute read and written by Angels! If you think Michael wrote the book, he says "Thank you!" 7 Angels provided their own photos ($21 value), including Joy's. Again, this 40-minute session's purpose is NOT about getting your Life, Business or Career answers. Yes, you can get a few questions answered. This is a starter course for total beginners - those unsure about intuition, trusting the Universe, letting go, the concept of meeting Angels, etc. Thank you in advance for your appreciation & understanding.

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