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Traditional Angels Whisk Session (3 hrs)

Meet Many Angels & Guides plus expand your intuitive skills.

  • 3 hours
  • 750 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

This session is 3 hours with Michael via Zoom. Be ready to be immersed in love & compassion with many Angels and other loving figures. WHAT HAPPENS? Start with a variety of warm up exercises (e.g., smell sage blown through 2 computer screens to you, see auras/ light on your hands, etc.) to help you let go, settle in and open your heart. Then meet Angels and other loving figures to get answers for your life, career or business needs. This is all direct. Chat with Angels, Mother Teresa, Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Plato, etc. There are 100+ Angels available plus many other loving figures that you can find listed on the website's front page. As time permits, meet your Guardian Angel & a passed-over loved one. Michael will make as many introductions as possible. You only have to let go to Allow for this. How does this work? The Veil gets pulled back. Move out of your head and into your heart to connect 100% with the Universe. In this session, you may also close your eyes to visit with Angels in a new way. This is a chance to travel within with Angels, as if in a meditation. It's not a lucid dream, a guided mediation or hypnosis. Angels take care of everything. Visit India, the Middle East, Tibet, Hawaii, Ancient Egypt, etc. For example, walk the Akashic Records with Angels. Sit with Native American Chiefs in a Western USA outdoor setting. You may even go on a surf trip to "hang ten" with Angels. Surf like a pro with Angels anywhere in the world. Swim with dolphins too (Angels). This is Michael's favorite part of the service (again, time permitting). For example, 100's have gone surfing in gorgeous settings. A few who've done this with others get to see each other (eyes are SHUT) while "surfing." Two show hosts on US different coasts saw each other with eyes shut. If there are no limits in Life, maybe there really are no limits?! Find out. Let Angels more than assist you! This 3-hour session permits for valuable connections and experiences. Grow your confidence and expand your Awareness and skills. Check out the written & video testimonials for encouragement and flavor. Also, consider reading "Listening to Angels" ($4.99/ 20 minutes). Fee: $750 for 3 hours

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