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Meet Angel Joy (Class #1)

Meet Angel Joy (Class #1)

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Meet Angel Charlotte (Class #2)

Meet Angel Charlotte (Class #2)

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Meet Angel Minnuala (Class #3)

Meet Angel Minnuala (Class #3)

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These classes are for those who are ready to let go and are already feeling a super strong connection.
Each paid course (< 30 min/ $49.99) helps a person meet and hear a single Angel.

In each video, Michael gives instructions on the steps to take. You own the entire process.
Each subsequent course builds upon the prior class so be sure to take these in proper order.

A photo of the Angel in question is provided.
You will need your own pen and paper and a way to watch the video.

COURSE #1 (Pink Shirt Video)
This taped video course helps you meet the Angel named Joy.

She's the ambassador/ communicator everyone meets first in bigger sessions,
who holds the space for you to let go. She is the emotion Joy itself and has a high, peppy voice.

Ask her to bring you the smell of flowers and to change colors or move in her photo!

COURSE #2 (Blue Shirt Video)
This taped video course helps you meet the Angel named Charlotte.

She's like your favorite teacher you remember from your childhood
with words of wisdom meant to help you expand.

COURSE #3 (White Shirt Video)
This taped video course helps you meet the Angel named Minnuala.
"Minn" is the Lakota Sioux word for water. "Uala" is a Polynesian morning glory vine. Just call her "Minn."

She is light waves of energy in water. A Pacific Princess with a touch of Hawaiian Spirituality too.
She is a Professor type who's very soft spoken. She gives great advice for all of your needs.

Ask Minnuala to bring you the smell of a gorgeous beach in Hawaii. Even right now! Enjoy!

One briefly exits thinking to enter the heart. Allow, ask, and listen to get your answers.
A photograph of the Angel in question is provided. Pen and paper are needed.

Each course's purpose is to help people hear an Angel, with the highest of intentions, plus assist people in understanding & embracing Unconditional Love and Compassion for All.

Anyone may connect with Angels anytime and anywhere. A course is never necessary but
having someone, especially Michael, talk you through the steps can be very helpful.

Trust in Angels and your inherent listening ability.
To hear an Angel, simply own the process.
Allow, Ask & Listen!!

This course is a direct, personal experience for which you must allow and take action.

Michael André Ford is the guide only, pointing the way to these experiences. He promises and guarantees no outcomes. Whatever results are generated are created by your efforts only.

⇉   There are no refunds for online courses.   ⇇

Once again, these classes are for those with tons of gusto and who are already feeling the connection.
These seasoned people already know they can do the letting go to simply listen.

For everyone else, it's best to read the book "Listening to Angels" and go that route.
It was Amazon's #2 Bestseller in the "Angel" categor
y twice.

Or grab Michael for a direct session and a gentle, helping hand.


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