Piglet: "Pooh, how do you spell love?"

Winnie-the-Pooh: "You don't spell it. You feel it!"

Hi! My name is Michael André Ford, but please call me “Michael.” I currently live in Austin, Texas, where I’ve been helping people meet angels for seven or so years now.


Many are surprised to discover that I originally began my career on Wall Street before going on to spend another 15+ years in public relations. At one point, I served as the top publicist for Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, a global law firm headquartered in New York City with over a billion in revenue.

Since then, I picked up a unique gift where you get to meet, hear & see angels and other fun figures. You read this right! I "heal with angels", which just means you get to receive a direct and special experience.

When you book one of my sessions, you'll see that I am a cheerful, bright and enthusiastic guide who brings a whole lot of inspiration your way. I help you realize that all your gifts are already present in your heart right now, in this very moment. Warm up by seeing auras or light on your hands (all colors, white or rainbow light).

Gain confidence on the spot, get answers for anything in any language, get hugs from angels, see them and maybe even receive a healing, if game. I also try to make everything fun, simple and downright amazing.


It’s all about experiencing more Love and Compassion for All.

Two of my favorite quotes are:

“Where you put your focus is where you put your focus.”
“If there are no limits in life, maybe there really are no limits!”

And I tell a lot of Dad jokes. Yup!

There’s only one way to meet angels and that’s to get started. It takes a tiny leap of faith, like the one you take at night when you let go to fall asleep or when you learned to ride a bike. It’s really that basic.

I look forward to our paths crossing if the timing is right for you. In the meanwhile, feel free to read the short book "Listening to Angels", available for $5 on iTunes and Amazon. Or visit: Amazon.com/author/angels

- Michael

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