Piglet: "Pooh, how do you spell love?"

Winnie-the-Pooh: "You don't spell it. You feel it!"

Hi! My name is Michael André Ford, but please call me “Michael”. Welcome to my website!


I am originally from a few places on the east coast (Annapolis, Newport, NYC, Nantucket...). I currently live in San Antonio, Texas, having moved in the summer of 2020 from Austin, where I spent ten fun years.


On a personal note, I am a longtime runner, doing races, running trails and even putting in a few sub-3-hour marathons in Boston and New York City a while ago. I love running with 2 dogs named "Joy" and "Paisley".

I picked up a green thumb in Texas, growing lots of flowers, plus taking their pictures. You can see many of these photos on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And there's also a $4.99 book of flower photographs I put on sale at the Amazon author profile provided below.

My two favorite, simple quotes, besides the Winnie-the-Pooh one above, are:

"How you spend your energy is how you spend your energy."

"Where you put your focus is where you put your focus!"

I like to remind people that each moment is a choice towards more openness, love and compassion and away from thinking and other complexities, if a person will only allow this to be so. More Love & Harmony!


Many are surprised to discover that I originally began my career on Wall Street (Series 7 and 63) before going on to spend another 15+ years in public relations. I did mostly business PR, even landing short pieces on the front page of The Wall Street Journal more than 7 times.


Most recently, I served as the top publicist for Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, a global law firm headquartered in NYC with over a billion in revenue. In 2008, in that single year, I personally set up over 1,100+ media interviews between journalists and "experts", who were mostly lawyers.

I love connecting people together, and I suppose all the past PR work helped a bit in this new role.

About seven or eight years ago, I picked up a unique gift. I started hearing, feeling and seeing angels, and grabbed a camera to document this phenomena as well (at first to have a security blanket!). It's a long story, with many details, but my story won't necessarily help you with yours and the act of letting go itself.


The bottom line? You get to meet, hear & see angels and other fun figures. You read this right! I "heal with angels", which just means you receive a direct and special experience hearing and seeing.

What makes this totally unique is that I guide you to find what is needed within, instead of seeking it from outside sources. I remove the Veil. You get direct interaction, and it is truly mind blowing in a fun way.

Plus, my real role, besides helping you move beyond your immediate reality, is to help you meet your own angels on your own personal "support" team. There are guides and passed over loved ones as well.

Get the assistance and clarity you are seeking from some very exciting and flavorful angels. There is no judging. Thinking itself is the only obstacle. And it's a gentle experience, with loads of humor.

When you book one of my sessions, you'll see that I am a cheerful, bright and enthusiastic guide who brings a whole lot of inspiration your way. I help you realize that all your gifts are already present in your heart right now, in this very moment. Warm up by seeing auras or light on your hands (all colors, white or rainbow light).

There’s only one way to meet angels and that’s to get started. It takes a tiny leap of faith, like the one you take at night when you let go to fall asleep or when you learned to ride a bike. It’s really that basic.


Besides all the testimonials and photos, please check out the free videos here and on YouTube and Facebook. They might give you a better sense of what this is all about.

I look forward to our paths crossing when the timing is right. This can be a lot to grasp for most. So don't try at all. Laugh, breathe and smile. The world or Universe is always going to be bigger than our thinking!


In the meantime, feel free to read the book "Listening to Angels", available for $4.99 (AMZN/ iTunes). The easiest way to find it is by visiting my Amazon author profile at: Amazon.com/author/angels


The book was actually written by angels, if you can allow for that. If you think I wrote it, then thank you very much (I wish!). It is short, sweet and filled with compassion, insight and gentleness. Please enjoy.

Take care and cheers.

- Michael

Michael André Ford


August 18, 2020