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Piglet: "Pooh, how do you spell Love?"
Winnie-the-Pooh: "You don't spell it. You FEEL it!"

Hi. I'm Michael André Ford. Call me Michael.

In 1968, I was born at the Air Naval Station in Pensacola, Florida, while my Dad attended Navy flight school.

I grew up on the East Coast, primarily in DC, Annapolis, New York and Newport.

For high school, I spent 4 years at Phillips Academy Andover before getting a degree from Middlebury College in International Politics & Economics (with some French).

I spent 17 years in NYC before moving to Austin in 2010. After 10 fun years in ATX, I moved to nearby San Antonio.

Along the way, I picked up a very special gift.

First, let's cover some interests, hobbies & family stuff.

For 42 years, I've been a runner, with lots of road races under my belt and a few sub-3-hour Boston & NYC marathons. I learned to love trail running while living in Austin.


Today, I run the hills in north SATX and love jogging with my dogs "Joy" and "Paisley."

Also, I truly love the ocean. Bodyboarding is a lifelong passion. But getting out onto the water or beach in any shape or form is always fantastic.

I also picked up a green thumb while in Texas and have grown lots of flowers since.


I photograph those flowers, plus capture clouds and sunrises. You'll find a few of my photography books at my Amazon Author Page:

So a quick word about my passed-over parents.

My Dad flew with the Black Aces (VF-41) and, at 26, was in a 1970 F-4 crash off of Naples, Italy. In 1998, he was interred at Arlington Cemetery with full military honors.

An F-18 flyover by the Black Aces shut down Dulles, Reagan & BWI. The Washington Post covered the ceremony, but the jets were too quick to get on film.

So, they put a photo of my Dad's horse-drawn caisson above the fold on the front page on or around 11/11/98.

My mom was not there to receive his folded flag. She passed in 1992 at age 44 as I was turning 23. She was an artist, who had a talent for connecting people together.


I sat in her seat that day.


They passed when they were supposed to. It was a big part of my life path and contributed to my Angel gift.


What's funny and super cool now is that a 100+ people have met and seen them. They give great advice too!

This is how Barb & Mike Sr. come through, in their 20's.

Nantucket Police Department 1990
My Dad and Mom fell in love while at Syracuse University in the 1960's and spent a summer in Nantucket together, when my Mom was pregnant with me.

She worked, I believe, at our cousins' restaurant back then. Mike, Sr. worked at the Pacific National Bank (featured behind me in the American flag photo).

I had a grandmother on my stepfather's side who lived in Wauwinet during the summers and in town during the winters. In the 1980's, our family bought a home there.

That island has been a lifelong connection for me. Very peaceful and special. The sea air is magical there.

I knew after graduation from college I wanted to take 6 months to experience real life on the island. It was a big decision for me, made harder by a strong recession.

Jobs were beyond scarce.

I was optimistically getting a parking permit at the police department, when a uniformed officer slammed a bunch of doors in succession and stormed out of the building.

The air was heavy in that lobby after he left, and I suddenly sensed a big opportunity to be funny. There was a long line of people. Looking back, Angels probably nudged me.

I jerked my thumb up in the air and motioned while boldly asking the dispatcher behind the bullet-proof glass, "Does that mean there's a job opening here?"

Everyone burst out laughing. Tension transformed into relaxed air again.

The humor worked. About 30 minutes later, I was sitting with Nantucket's Police Chief. A job opportunity!!

It was a thorough interview. I got sworn in the next day at the court house next door. No weapon of any sort to carry. 2 types of tickets to write. My badge number was 212.

And I typically gave 2 hours for 1-hour spaces. No driver could argue with that!

I also learned to make sure my signature was 100% illegible. It was a common tactic back then. For anyone worrying right now, my badge number "212" was still on the ticket.

I was a mix between meter maid and tourist liaison, often standing exactly where you see me in the first photo or just across the street by the bank at the top of Main Street. In the fall, I got to ride the new mountain bike donated by Cannondale. That was a HUGE deal.
BRIGHT MAF ACK PD JULY 1990 IMG_9814 copy 2.jpg

A bike was a novelty back then, perhaps only used by Portland and San Diego officers.

The helmet was lost, but it was 1990. There was NO consideration for liability or lawyers. The Chief instructed me to ride around, smile a ton and do good PR for the NPD.

With the wind in my hair, I heartily obliged. That truly was an amazing six months.

Michael André Ford

So let's switch to the corporate world, Angels, etc.


Many are surprised to learn that I started off on Wall Street (Series 7 & 63) before going on to spend 17+ years in public relations. In NYC, I did business PR (e.g., putting 7 pieces on the front page of The Wall Street Journal or a profile in the NYT, WSJ & FT all at once).


My last in-house job in New York was as the top publicist for 4.25 years for the billion-dollar-revenue, global law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP.


In 2008, in a single year, I personally set up 1,100+ media interviews between journalists and a variety of experts. I got paid very well at $230,000 a year.


But I still couldn't have told you a single difference between Thinking and Compassion.


I didn't have a clue. Not an inkling. But I had a fun run.

With an hour's notice, the PR career ended in 2009. 72 of us were laid off. The Lehman Brothers crisis was in full swing. There had been more layoffs before ours.

I was probably the only one excited. I had bought an Austin home. I was moving again!


My first visit to ATX, while with Fulbright & Jaworski, had tipped me off years earlier.


As I deplaned, a soft voice said to me from nowhere, "You will move here one day!" And a side door on the ramp opened for a piece of luggage. Somehow, a Gulf breeze hit me.


Years later, I made the move and, soon after, lots of little stuff happened. I "opened up."

What's fun about all this is my details don't really matter. First, you do everything directly. Second, my story cannot help you accept your own situation as it is now.

And that's what's beautiful about meeting Angels (and scary!). You discover your truths.

Back to the story...

Early on, I grabbed a camera and got incredible photos of Angels and faeries. Or maybe it's more accurate to say I was given some pretty amazing shots to aid us all.


I used to give people the camera too, but that's not needed now as people can see full-on, with eyes open.


There's many ways to see. Angels standing before you, with wings or not. Or see them in "light energy" form.

This photo is of my Guardian Angel and an Angel named Charlotte. I've seen Charlotte in human form at an Austin Starbucks. She was in her 50's, dressed in a white Santa Fe-style outfit with turquoise jewelry.

And I checked (and so have others directly). Yes, Charlotte actually drank the coffee while here.

Angels can visit us in human form and often do.

2 Angels (photo by Michael André Ford)

So, what is this all about really? What happens again in the bigger picture?

People get to meet, hear, see and feel Angels and much more. The Veil is pulled back. You get to find what is needed within, instead of seeking it from outside sources.


Get gentle assistance and clarity from Angels. It's a truly amazing experience.

When you book one of my sessions, you'll discover I'm a cheerful, bright and enthusiastic guide who brings a whole lot of inspiration & energy your way, plus some humor.

I help you realize that all your gifts are already present in your heart right now.


Warm up by seeing auras/ light on your hands: color, white or rainbow light. If the fabric of the Universe is Love, you are seeing consciousness itself flowing everywhere.

Remember that there’s only one way to meet Angels and that’s to get started.
Sure, it takes a tiny leap of faith, non-religious or religious. Faith is letting go of knowing.

Letting go is being in your heart! Be in your Heart! It's that basic.

The difficulty level, I like to say, is like falling asleep at night, brushing your teeth or flipping a light switch. You just do it. No thought. And you are the switch itself.


Check out the testimonials, videos and photos as they have extra flavor and feel. Also, pick up a copy of "Listening to Angels." It's written by Angels and requires 15 minutes.

Our paths will cross when the time is right. I can only offer you an open mind.


Please remember that the time is always right now. Thinking itself, the only obstacle.


This present moment is your doorway into your Heart and beyond, through the world you know, and into the a much broader and sparkling Universe where All is Love.

Have Fun & Enjoy All!

- Michael

Michael André Ford

San Antonio, TX  USA




Over the years, when listeners asked,
"What does Michael do for people?",
they hea
rd the following answers from Angels
and other fun, unconditional love figures.



"Michael opens the door to 'our' realm for others to experience."

- Archangel Gabriel


"Michael expedites meetings with us so we can do our work too."

- Sri Shirdi Sai Baba


"Michael removes the veil."

- Sri Kaleshwar


"Michael guides you to find what is needed within,
instead of seeking it from outside sources..."

- Minnuala (his Guardian Angel/ silhouette photo)


"Michael allows all and sets free those
who have created their own barriers." - Buddha


"Michael does this unimaginable work
that no man does yet. He connects you to yourself
and the universe without a barrier."
- an Angel named Herb (a Big Kahuna type of coach)


"Michael opens people up to new possibilities." - Mary


"Mike guides you to find what is needed within,
instead of seeking it from outside sources..."

- Minnuala (Angel/ her photo is on the first page)


Michael André Ford, Jr.
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