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Enjoy the photos below of 20 Angels, 2 Faeries & Plato (see his face!),

plus the historical photos of Sai Baba, Dull Knife, Red Shirt & Geronimo.

For years, Angel card decks have ruled the roost.
Now, use photos of actual Angels for advice and much, much more.

They're more convenient too since they're perfect for every iPhone.
Carry an Angel wherever you go.

The photos were taken indoors, outdoors, during the day and at night.
These are a handpicked few from a collection of thousands.

Michael used to hand the camera to folks but now everyone sees directly with eyes open.
A person learns to let go gradually to see more and more in broader ways.

Simply allow for this possibility right now.

Each photo is $3. Select your photos, go to your cart & check out via PayPal,
which accepts credit cards nowadays. PayPal is super easy and extra safe.

All photographs are sold under a license for personal use only.

As you make the purchase, photos are emailed without watermarks automatically. Enjoy!

There are no refunds for photograph purchases.

There are 50 photographs below.

They will load or show up shortly. Thanks for your patience

Michael helps people let go to be in their hearts. No Thinking.

The first baby step is generally to see your own energy, "aura" or light on your hands.
See color, white or rainbow light, for starters. You'll know something is up.

He often blows sage too to a person through 2 computer screens. He uses a red-tailed hawk feather to waft the smoke your way from SATX to wherever you are at.

Check out his videos or maybe a dozen show appearances where he does this.

Smell sage too, like show hosts have done in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada & the US. Check out their reactions on video. A Melbourne podcast host once jumped around his studio
when he finally got it, after 7 minutes and 7 dad jokes when he finally let go!
For most, 10 seconds to a minute is enough time.

Next, see Angels in "light energy form" around you, which is what the shapes below are about.

See with your eyes shut too. Light on your eyelids. Then see more that way.

Later, see Angels peacefully standing before you. In your room or outside.
That's full-on, with and without wings. Chat with them this way.

See Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Rafael and others.
See Einstein, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Chögyam Trungpa, Sai Baba, Geronimo, etc.
Be sure to check out the long cast of characters on the first page (150+ figures).

Michael also encourages people to see Angels in full-on human form as you move about in life.

The real question is what will you allow for?
Our thinking generally keeps us all locked up pretty tight daily.
After all, we know what we know. And there is certainly a lot of knowing going on!

Michael is here to remind us that there are no limits and that
you can find a little more Love and Openness in this very moment. That's all of it!

The photos below are super convenient for every day use and keeping everything simple.

Want to experience a little of this right now?

Go ahead and meet a few Angels.
Put your hand up to the screen, let go and feel their loving vibration with your palm!

Set your intent first. Be in your heart.

Ask Angels for help with this.

Feel what you can feel. Don't judge.
Feel their loving presence on the palm of your hand. On your fingers. Or all over.

Your back may tingle. A goose bump on the left arm. Yummy in the tummy. A hand on the shoulder.
A general feeling of ease and warmth embracing you. Ask to be embraced. Feel a feather touch.

There are literally thousands of ways to feel the vibe or get a hug.
If there are no limits in life, maybe there really are no limits?

Let go and enjoy!

How about taking another small step? We all know static photos can't move, right?
But all of these photos can move and change colors throughout the website.

If you wish, start with the historical photos on the first page.
Use Sai Baba's photo or Audrey Hepburn's. Get a smile, a wink, a nod... You get the idea.

Most people can hang in there for a second. The brain asks, "Did I see that smile?"
The heart says, "What a nice and reassuring smile!" Stick with your heart here.

Getting out of your head and into your heart means letting Angels do their job.

Next, move on to the Angel photos there or below and see what happens next.
Be in your Heart. Allow, Ask & Receive.

The pics really do make for a fantastic aid for letting go to connect to Angels.
Imagine what happens next if you drop to your heart and begin listening!

That was the big pep talk.

It's best to grab "Listening to Angels" to cover the rest ($4.99).

Angels come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They're always around.

They're pure love. And they never interfere without your permission.

So ask for their assistance, even if that's all you've gotten from today's visit.

Michael grows flowers and photographs them.
Enjoy the Sunflowers, Morning Glories & a Bi-Color Iris.

An Angel named Jamie helps Michael with his photography.

There are pics too of clouds, a hummingbird feeder, glowsticks & his marble art below.

Also available below is a drawing Michael did of an Angel named Heather.

Plenty of people have used that sketch to chat with Heather.

She loves to make hearts in the air for you out of Light so be sure to ask for those.
She'll also bring you hearts during your day to surprise you.

Want the best set up of all? Start with "Listening to Angels" for $7.99 at Amazon.

This short book was Amazon's #2 Best Seller in Angels in April of 2022.

3x NYT Bestseller Anita Moorjani penned a January 2023 book review. 

7+ Angel photos are included in the book,
including photos of Angels Heather & Dale that are not available below.

Angels penned the book too, but, if you think Michael wrote it, he says, "Thanks!"
That book literally shows you how to listen to Angels. Why not get started that way?!

Anyone can speak with Angels. Be Still, Ask and Listen. It's that easy.
Start with Joy's photo and put it on your iPhone. See what unfolds...

Everything always happens one moment at a time. Be in this very moment.
Start with little steps and let them become regular steps. And have fun!

Each photo comes with a description. Click on "more info" to learn about each figure.

In the meantime, here's some information to get you started.

The pink ball of light is Joy. She's the emotion joy too. The very vibration.
She's the Ambassador and Communicator here. Let her do her do her thing!

Blue is Charlotte. She's everyone's favorite teacher from childhood
with words of wisdom meant to help you expand. Remember your favorite teacher
in 3rd grade or 3rd form. Mrs. Wilson? Think of Charlotte as her!

The Angel silhouette is Michael's Guardian Angel named Minnuala. "Minn" is the Lakota Sioux word for water. Uala is a Polynesian morning glory. So her name is Water Morning Glory but just call her Minn. She is light waves of energy in water. Let her bring you a gorgeous ocean smell!

Dale is a fantastic coach in all directions. While from far out, he is super down to earth and very endearing. He penned the "Listening to Angels" epilogue which is partly free here. Read that!

Heather is the heart-shaped light figure. Even her name, rearranged, spells out the word "Heart,"
with a few extra letters leftover. She is Compassion and is wonderful to experience.
Put your hand out now, feel her love and ask for a hug. Feel it.

The oval or football shape is Penelope. She is Michael's lead healing Angel.
She is also one of your surf guides if you wish to surf with Angels with your eyes closed.
100's have gone surfing in Hawaii with Angels.

You've got enough information here to get started.
it's time to take a first step. Gently ask your thinking/ ego to step aside and be in your Heart.

Own any tiny first step right now. What will it be ...
A smile? A Breath? See a photo move? Get a hug from an Angel?
Purchase Listening to Angels? A photo of Joy? Another Angel? Sai Baba? Geronimo?

It's your path. You decide!

Your heart already knows what to do. Trust in this.
Have fun and take care.

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