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A Whisk service's purpose is to help people meet Angels and ultimately, later on,
to meet their own Angels, plus, through the highest of intentions,
assist people in understanding and embracing Unconditional Love and Compassion for All.


Michael André Ford is not aligned or affiliated with any organization, philosophy, religion, ideology, tradition or practice. In fact, he almost steps out of the way to allow a person the direct act of meeting, hearing, feeling and seeing Angels and many other unconditional love figures.


Michael connects with you energetically to assist in your opening and often gets sleepy afterwards.

Mankind is ready for more Awareness and Compassion by All for All and a little less Thinking.





A Whisk service is a direct, personal experience for which you must allow and take action.


Michael André Ford is the guide only, pointing the way to these experiences. He promises and guarantees no outcomes. Whattever results generated are created through your efforts only,
with the help and assistance of Angels, Guides, etc., of course.


Anyone can speak with Angels. Be still, Ask & Listen. It's really that easy.

Intention, Being Still & Openness are the essential ingredients for Listening to Angels.

Like anything else, Listening is a choice.


You have Free Will, and Michael cannot take any of your steps for you.
You must own everything directly.



For refunds in 2023 and beyond, the PayPal transaction fee
will always be deducted from the total being refunded.



Michael reserves the right to end a session at any point and
refund your entire payment, minus the PayPal transaction fee,

if he feels there is Monkey Mind (an Indian/ Buddhist term) going on.

For example, if a person in a 4-hour session is still just getting started 3 hours in,
Michael may stop the session, offer a brief explanation and issue the refund.

Likewise, in a 1-hour session, if Michael is lighting/ re-lighting sage for 18 minutes straight
because the client is talking endlessly, he may again halt a session and issue a refund.


As an aside, once that sage gets lit, this little warmup exercise takes

only a few minutes to experience. It's super special and fun!

A big delay of any sort usually indicates there's some Thinking going on.
We all do lots of Thinking. It happens.

In those rare cases of too much, it's best to halt a session and do a refund.

This policy has yet to be implemented in over a decade.

Michael simply reserves the right to do so anytime, completely at his discretion.
Thank you for your appreciation and understanding in advance.


Meeting, hearing and seeing Angels and other unconditional love figures is a very special experience.

This act is about your personal growth in life and finding the next stage in your soul's development,
as well as the continued evolution of Mankind.

The greatest gift is Allowing. All is growth and change. This is frightening for some.

There's nothing to do here. Slow down the doing! Instead, breathe, smile and relax. Appreciate All.

Compassion for All is Life. This is also about Acceptance for All.

Regard others as yourself, generously and without fixation. Believe in All.

Hearing & Seeing Angels is much simpler than people think.
Again, this is because this is not about thinking but less thinking!

Sometimes before an appointment, after the taping of a show, or after an actual session with Angels, a person can tighten up with thinking. It happens. We all do way more thinking than is ever needed!

Each person's ego has different ways to respond to, control or block the flow of Unconditional Love.

The more attached you are to societal roles, "what you think you know," or your "Life Story details,"
the greater sometimes the push back that occurs by Ego after the fact.

What happens? You tighten up a lot or a little bit. You may react, judge, fear, etc.
Welcome to your Ego!

A single breath, a smile, a walk barefoot in the grass, a laugh, etc. can help loosen you up again!
Get outside for 30-60 minutes and connect to Nature. Sit still, Listen & Appreciate All.

Be in your heart. Be!
Enjoy a little extra sparkle within you and around you.

Love is always present.
Only a little bit of Thinking/ ego can pull you away from your amazing Life and Love!

Show kindness always.
Show Love always.



Listeners got these answers directly from Angels and other figures over the years.


"Michael opens the door to 'our' realm for others to experience."

- Archangel Gabriel


"Michael expedites meetings with us so we can do our work too."

- Sri Shirdi Sai Baba


"Michael removes the veil."

- Sri Kaleshwar


"Michael guides you to find what is needed within, instead of seeking it from outside sources..."

- Angel Minnuala

"Michael allows all and sets free those who have created their own barriers." - Buddha

"Michael does this unimaginable work that no man does yet. He connects you to yourself and the universe without a barrier." - an Angel named Herb, who is a Big Kahuna type

"Michael opens people up to new possibilities." - Mary

"Mike guides you to find what is needed within, instead of seeking it from outside sources..."
- Minnuala (Michael's Guardian Angel/ her photo is above)



"Compassion for All is Life. This is also about Acceptance for All.
Regard others as yourself generously and without fixation." - Angels


"Treat all with kindness and love." - Angel Millicent

"Compassion is here for all. A person need only be open to receive.
A new consciousness emerges. Details are not so important. Love is love."
- Jesus


"We are here to help. Use us!" - Angels

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