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Michael André Ford
American Angel Intuitive
San Antonio, TX  USA
Michael will try to respond to email inquiries as time permits.

There may be a delay or sometimes no response given work demands here - for that we truly apologize in advance.

If interested in meeting Angels, it's suggested you first read the book "Listening to Angels" ($7.99) and check out his YouTube channel (free) to feel more comfortable and confident about everything. Why not?

Many people send Michael deeply personal life stories with traumatic/ painful details. Michael asks you to refrain from doing this. You will not get a reply.

Michael does his Angel service without you having to share your trauma or painful energies with him. With his service, you do
your own listening, releasing & healing.

Feel Love from the Angels, and hear Angels give you beautiful life advice.
Thank you!
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Visit his Amazon Author Profile:

His $7.99 "Listening to Angels" book was Amazon's
#2 Bestseller in Angels twice

"Glowstick Zen" is a really big book at 1,700 pages (2K-3.4K pages on iPad via Apple Books - depends on font size, etc.).

At Apple, it's one book ($199.99).


At Amazon, it's broken into 22 books for $9.99 each.

"Glowstick Zen" is 2/3rds written by Angels, Mary, etc. Enjoy!

Glowstick Zen's prologue is posted here on this website.


There are other books too.

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