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"Compassion is just Being and trusting the outcome
to be of the highest intent for all." - Dale
(an Angel who coached a multi-Gold Medal Olympic Gymnast)

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Let Angels assist and guide you.


Hear their gentle calls to action with specific advice on steps to take.


Get unstuck and see the bigger picture. Find your vision and a new source of wisdom.


Discover a new path ahead, with clear goals and the confidence to act on them. For business people, get all of your business answers in detail. Yes, you read this right. Any topics. Any answers.


Angels also bring you your truths, can alter your path and are fun to meet as you get help with your decision making. Slowing down to meet Angels and other loving figures is itself an act of compassion.

Michael Andre Ford Heals with Angels

Michael André Ford is an American Angel Intuitive in San Antonio, TX.

His ability to pull back the Veil since 2012 means people meet, hear & see Angels, well-known guides, Light Beings & passed-over loved ones.


Michael's service is unique enough to the point many communities (e.g., spiritual, wellness, publishing...) are unaccustomed to embracing it.

What's an Angel say?
"Michael connects you to yourself and the universe without a barrier."


As Michael moves energy (what he calls "Whisking"), you transition out of thinking into your heart where all is possible. There, you hear, feel & see the beautiful beings that are here to support you on your journey.

Allow, Ask & Receive. There are no limits. There is healing as well.

Michael believes that the greatest form of human compassion is to empower people to listen for their own answers to their life questions.

Expand or open up your own intuitive skills for good.  Book that Whisk session with Michael today. Zoom works great for this.


Find out who you are, what your purpose in life is and how to get there. Get all your answers.

How? Ask Angels any business and life questions.

Hear their responses. All languages and dialects are spoken. Get hugs and see too.

The “team” people can meet includes:

⚬ 55+ Angels, including Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Rafael, Uriel ...

⚬ Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, Rama & Sri Kaleshwar

⚬ Vishnu, Lakshmi, Krishna & Ganesh

⚬ Dull Knife, Red Shirt & Geronimo

⚬ Chief Red Cloud & Chief Joseph

⚬ Mary, Jesus, Mohammad & God

⚬ Mandela & Martin Luther King

⚬ Mother Teresa, Gandhi & Meher Baba

⚬ Einstein, Sylvia Browne & Chico Xavier

⚬ Buddha, Chögyam Trungpa & Quan Yin

⚬ Plato, Marcus Aurelius, Socrates & Seneca

⚬ Saint Francis, Saint Anthony & Saint Gerard

⚬ Kapuna Auntie Margaret & Joseph Campbell

⚬ Crazy Horse, Black Elk & White Buffalo Calf Woman

⚬ Spirit Animals (e.g., Red-Tailed Hawk, Hummingbird, Wolf...)

⚬ Light Beings (e.g., "the" SETH, Zoroaster, one named Grace, etc.)

⚬ Thích Nhât Hanh, the Divine Mother & an Asian Tiger who is Action

⚬ Lao Tzu & Joshu, plus a fun Jinn who represents East Asian Mysticism

⚬ Faeries Ginger & Tinker Bell (See Tink's mention in 2018 Omega testimonial)

⚬ Angels Audrey Hepburn & Abe (“the” Abraham of old), plus many other figures

Meet your Guardian Angel, the Angel helping you with this life stage and other Angels on your team.

With Angels' help, many may also hear and see their passed-over loved ones and pets.

Angels are happy to assist with all matters, plus they’ll shed light on your unique life path & the opportunities before you. Experience, via the highest intent, more Love and Compassion.

Trust that Angels exist and get a very special experience. Angels can help you
open up to expand your awareness, intuitive skills and much more


Be more Love and share more Love.
Book a session today!







"The knowledge of heavenly Angels is made available to us in this powerful little book as we learn how to communicate, receive guidance, enhance our intuition and obtain divine access to the unlimited universal power of the Angels.
A must read."


Anita Moorjani
3x NY Times Best-Selling Author •
"Dying to Be Me" • "What If This Is Heaven" •
"Sensitive is the New Strong" • January 25, 2023





"Michael André Ford holds one of the highest vibrations of any human you will ever meet - pure joy! In his presence, you can begin to feel, see and hear your angels. We all need to uplift our souls. Michael André Ford will awaken your connection with your angels so you can stay connected to your best spiritual friends for the rest of your life!"


Catherine Carrigan

Medical Intuitive Healer
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author
Host, "The Natural Healing Show" for UK Health Radio
Atlanta, GA
February 19, 2023


"Michael invites you into a fast-moving, electrically and eclectically high vibe where you can experience magical wisdom spring forth."


Kaeza Fearn

Summits Manager, The Shift Network
Winchester, MA
September 29, 2022

Patricia Baker_edited.jpg

"Michael's way of introducing Angels & more is unique and easy. He's right - anyone can do this with Michael's help. In these tumultuous times we need extra-dimensional contacts more than ever before, and to find a way to connect and get the help we all need is a gift beyond compare. Reaching out and receiving angelic assistance can now be an everyday event. Thank you, Michael!"

Patricia Baker

VP, Big Picture Agency Inc.
Creator & Host, Supernatural Girlz Radio

Hampden County, MA
July 11, 2022


"What a delight it is to work with Michael! He has such a caring, compassionate and energetic nature. He puts you at ease, makes you laugh and then almost out of nowhere you feel the warm embrace of the angels he's called forward.


I'm grateful for the experience of Michael and the gifts he brings to the world!"

Anita Adams

Founder & CEO, Joyful Inspired Living
Podcast Host, Joyful Journey

Bowen Island, British Columbia, CANADA
June 22, 2022

SPRING WASHAM APRIL 12 2022_edited.jpg

"Thank you so much, Michael! Your reading brought so much positive energy. ❤️"

Spring Washam

Meditation + Dharma Teacher

Author of "A Fierce Heart: Finding Strength, Courage + Wisdom in Any Moment"
Co-Founder of the East Bay Meditation Center

Teacher's Council Member at Spirit Rock

Oakland, CA

April 12, 2022

MARK SHIMADA_edited.jpg

"Michael came as an unexpected sign to my prayerful hope for guidance. As a start-up, I've had some miraculous synchronicities that I cannot explain. With Michael, I was invited to another level, in to a more direct conversation with that unseen world. Quite immediately from my session with Michael, I have been graced by some unexpected miracles. Time with Michael is a chance to renew one's faith, to be open to an unseen world in between what we can see."

Mark Shimada

Buddhist Chaplain, Artist, Coach, Speaker & Consultant

Prague, Czech Republic

February 15, 2022


"Michael Ford's knowledge, experience and faith in the existence of angels and light beings is compelling, with contagious certainty and enthusiasm.

My biggest takeaway is the encouragement to call on these beautiful benevolent spirit beings often. As a result of experiencing a session with him, I am also inspired to learn to drop in and live from my heart more often, which is the portal for these powerful ethereal healers to enter our awareness and offer us palpable guidance.


From the bottom of my HEART, Thank you, Michael, Thank you Angel/ Light Beings."

Dr. Marcy Cole

Holistic Psycotherapist at Dr. Marcy Cole
Founder & LA Event Producer at First Tuesday USA

Faculty at The John Thomas Dye School

Los Angeles, CA
February 12, 2022

Susanne Puerschel_edited.jpg

"Michael came to me through the wild wild west of the internet and little did I know how much I actually wished for him and his ability to connect me with my guard of angels. I always knew that there is so much more to life than we actually are open to seeing and my session with him opened endless possibilities for me.

3 hours of laughter, learning, trusting, releasing, goosebumps, lights, words and images that changed me or better... brought me closer back to who I know I am at my core.

If you are tired of buying into that success only comes through struggle and pain... give yourself the gift of connecting with this incredible master. He is funny, a wealth of knowledge and pure love. Let go of what you think you know. Get out of your head and into your heart and be ready to hear the most laughter inducing dad jokes and stories. I promise you, life will change for you when you get in touch with this magical human. XOXOXO

Susanne Puerschel
Founder, R.I.S.E. Media & former Professional Ballet Dancer

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
February 6, 2022


"Michael is a rare and amazing soul. His gifts and generosity are amazing to experience.


I had a wonderful session with Michael and found him to be articulate, whip smart, funny, and really tapped in.

If you are ready to up your skills in connecting to those who care and look after you on the other side, a session with Michael André Ford is one that you must experience! Highly recommended."


Debbi Daschinger
Book Writing Coach, 14-year Podcast Host, Int'l Bestselling Author

Los Angeles, CA
January 12, 2022


"I highly recommend working with Michael! He provides you with a natural, easy way of communicating with Angels and Beings of Light.

His practical knowledge and intuitive wisdom create the perfect environment to receive messages from the Angels and Masters.

Michael is upbeat, high vibe and super fun to work with! If you are seeking answers, are curious about the higher realms, or want to have an unique, enjoyable and mind-blowing experience, work with Michael!"


Lisa DePamphilis
Intuitive Brand Consultant & Podcast Host

Chico, CA
January 5, 2022


"If you want to learn how to connect to Angels or the individuals Michael mentions in his intro, I recommend booking a session with Michael. He brings a wonderful approach and practices for getting messages and guidance - or just feeling a simple presence - for our work and life. I've experienced many individuals who helped me with divine guidance along my path. What I found unique in Michael's session is that he provided me with ways to connect with higher guidance, myself, in a super fun and insightful way.

Especially in our current times, Michael's form of guidance, which goes beyond our existing system of thinking and mind-made beliefs, helps us master our individual and societal challenges. I recommend taking the time to speak with Michael and his powerful group of entities and individuals."

Peter Matthies

Founder, Conscious Business Institute

Santa Barbara, CA
December 16, 2021


"Michael André Ford is a duracellbunny as we say here in Sweden. The moment we connected I could feel how fun the experience would be. He is dedicated to serving others through a very energy-filled, funny process whereby your heart will open up. Seeing energy through a series of fun exercises was exciting and simple. His laugh is infectious and he may just dance for you as he did during our session. I loved his book “Listening to Angels”. It’s a quick read which can even be done daily. He’s a genius! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!"

"Micheal André Ford är en riktig duracellkanin. Så fort vi såg varandra började jag nästa skratta. Han är lättsam och använder sig av en enkel och rolig process för att hjälpa en att öppna sitt hjärta. Hans skratt är smittsam och han även dansade för att få mig att skratta ännu mer. Helt galet. Hans bok ”Listening to Angels” är super lättläst. Så lätt det var att se energi och känna änglars närvaro genom Michaels enkla och och rolig process. Han är en geni! På med bältet och njut av resan!"

Lisette Comeault

A Canadian in

Kungsbacka, Sweden

October 2, 2021


"Michael is one of those rare individuals who combines fun, enthusiasm, compassion and empathy to bring a truly valuable experience to those he interacts with. I know from first hand experience how dedicated he is to helping people reach their potential through inspiration and bringing valuable energetic connections into their lives. His unbounded energy will move you in a positive direction."

Paul Sugar

Director, Scottsdale Institute for Health and Medicine Center for Mindfulness

Scottsdale, AZ

April 22, 2021


"Perhaps I am biased as Michael is a fellow Middlebury alum, but his work and the commitment, focus, intensity, thoughtfulness, and dare I say soul that he brings to clients in his sessions are 2nd to none. There is a presence that he forges that generates an opportunity for expansion and the eliciting of insights that really cannot be found within other modalities. His work creates a readily accessible language to and dialogue with resources that seemingly otherwise will go unused in our lives. Plus, if you ever want to witness true professional enthusiasm at work, in motion, have a call with him. Kudos, Michael!"

Bill O'Herron

Director, Cygnus Capital Real Estate Advisors

Austin, TX

April 22, 2021

"Michael jump starts your ability to "see" energy through a series of fun exercises. He brings his infectious joy and wonder to helping people make contact with their innate intuitive capacities. Through a series of guides (angels) he has developed over time, he leads you to connect with the various energies available. In our fast-paced session, I recognized a different resonance with each guide and tapped into their unique personalities for answers to personal questions. I expect to use this technique again to help break through the rational mind's apprehension. In a session with Michael, be prepared for a playful time filled with laughter, a welcome opportunity to relax into an open state of awareness."

Karen Newell
Co-Founder of Sacred Acoustics
Charlottesville, VA
March 5, 2021

"Michael reached out to me at a very difficult time in my life when my mom unexpectedly passed away and offered me a session. With his joyful and playful nature, Michael guides you to elevate your vibrational frequency to open your mind to see beyond and connect with the spirit realm. Joining with Michael, because of his pure intention, gave me so much comfort and joy at a very challenging time in my life. This was truly a blessing that helped me move through my grief with ease and grace. I am eternally grateful to him."

Ingrid Garcia-Hansen Honkala
NASA Oceanographer, Author, Life Coach & Recognized NDE Expert
Long Beach, MO
July 12, 2020


"Intense, intuitive, and incomparable, Michael has a talent for helping summon the spirits and angels of the world to provide you the kind of guidance no therapist, coach, or psychic could ever offer. His enthusiasm and playfulness make it a joyful experience, but his talent gives it a depth that helps you know 'this stuff is real.' "

Chip Conley

Founder, Modern Elder Academy

Hotelier, Author, Airbnb Exec & 2010 TED Talk Speaker

Austin, TX

March 24, 2020

Creativity Expert

"If you are open to support and guidance in these challenging times, I recommend a session with Michael Ford. Angels and guides await at the edge of what we allow, and Michael can help show the way.”

Barnet Bain

Film Director for Eckhart Tolle’s “Milton’s Secret” movie

Writer/ Producer for “Celestine Prophecy”

Creativity Teacher & Speaker, Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, Kripalu,

Columbia University's Spirituality Mind Body Institute

Los Angeles, CA

March 19, 2020


"A glowing review would not be enough. Working with Michael was an honor, a privilege and a great joy. Our session was of incredible value and impact, with more benefit than could be noticed all at once. I have meant many in his field and none like him at all. His clarity, confidence, kindness and commitment are unsurpassed. I can only conclude with great thanks and a hope you will be touched by his important work."

Jonathan Ellerby

Former Canyon Ranch Spiritual Director

Author, "Return to the Sacred" (Hay House)

President, Mindful Wellness Travel

Ex-Director, Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality

Executive Director, Spirituality & Practice

Louisville, CO

February 12, 2020


“Michael Ford embodies unique gifts which he brings to bear in the service of humanity. If you wish to cultivate a deeper sense of intuition or a much broader view of the world we live in, you will be pleased to find in him a thoughtful, humorous and skilled friend beyond the confines of what you might otherwise think possible. Mike is ahead of his time, and in reading this likely so are you. Welcome to the science, art, and wonder that is your life.”


Dawa Tarchin Phillips

CEO, Teacher, Global Thought Leader & Buddhist Lama

Santa Barbara, CA

March 20, 2018


“Mike Ford is certainly an angel in training. In our session together he guided me through a series of fun exercises that allowed me to connect more deeply with my higher self and specific angels and guides. What a trip! Tinker Bell was my very favorite.”

Maureen Drake
ex-Curriculum Developer, Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY
Senior Workshop Developer, Ravi Shankar's Art of Living Retreat Center
Boone, NC

January 25, 2018




In the past decade, some 2,000 people have met, heard, felt & seen Angels (even jointly)..., including those who've worked at, taught at or have these notable backgrounds:

⚬ The Film Director of Eckhart Tolle's "Milton's Secret" movie (Donald Sutherland/ Mia Kirshner)

⚬ Chopra Center for Wellbeing (2) & the California Institute for Human Science

⚬ The Buddhist teacher in Jack Canfield's "The Soul of Success" documentary

⚬ UC San Diego (3), Columbia's Spirituality Mind Body Institute (2) & Stanford

⚬ Former Executive Producer at the Oprah Winfrey Show

⚬ 2 Emmy-nominated documentary film makers

⚬ A top-3 executive at Austin City Limits

⚬ 1440 Multiversity faculty members (4)

⚬ Esalen Institute & Omega Institute (4)

⚬ Faculty at The Shift Network (4)

⚬ Staff at The Shift Network (3)

⚬ A native Hawaiian elder

⚬ A Buddhist Chaplain

⚬ A Grammy-nominated singer

⚬ Founder/ CEO of Serasana Spa

⚬ A top-100 SEO leader in the US

⚬ A former HeartMath senior leader

⚬ A top person at the Monroe Institute

⚬ The ex-CEO of a real estate concern

⚬ Former editor of the Elephant Journal

⚬ A National Geographic Society Fellow

⚬ A European, well-established Scientist

A well-known Happiness Psychologist

⚬ Former Canyon Ranch Spiritual Director

⚬ A person who worked for Tony Robbins

⚬ Rodale and Simon & Schuster executives

⚬ A dentist who taught at Columbia University

⚬ Owner of a top nursery chain in New Mexico

⚬ A former global Hyatt Hotels senior executive

⚬ A literary agent who represented Patch Adams

⚬ A former staffer at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

⚬ 2 people who studied under Sri Kaleshwar in India

⚬ A Visiting Teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

⚬ New York Post reporter & Dalai Lama Fellows person

⚬ Actress who appeared on "The Bob Newhart Show"

⚬ Another actress on ABC's Soap Opera "One Life To Live"
⚬ Actress on Scandinavia's longest running soap "Hotel Caesar"

⚬ A former Miss Hawai'i, a Broadway Actress & an ex-Miss USA
⚬ Austin Opera Chairman & a former
Austin City Council member

⚬ 2 former or current GAIA(M) TV executives/ on-air personalities

⚬ Capital Factory staffer, plus a startup founder & executive there

⚬ West Point & US Naval Academy graduates, plus an Army Ranger

A co-founder of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, plus 2 senior staff types

⚬ Director of a foundation created by actor Jim Carrey + author Eckhart Tolle

⚬ Various doctors, RN’s, veterinarians (4) & a 20-year Seton Hospital director

⚬ 37+ on-air show hosts, including one who has hosted her show for 30+ years

⚬ A Norwegian actress from Scandinavia's longest running soap "Hotel Caesar"

⚬ A former Alternatives senior person (a UK Mind Body Spirit org founded in 1982)
A recognized advice giver (appeared on Today Show, GMA, Dr. Oz, with Oprah... )

⚬ plus Authors with books released by these publishers:

- Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster

- Currency, an imprint of Crown Publishing Group

- Hachette Books
- HarperOne

- Wiley

- Sounds True

- Hay House

- Beyond Words Publishing

- New Harbinger
- New World Library
- Hampton Roads Publishing

- Rodale Books

- HCI Books

- Balboa Press


No matter one’s background, there’s always room for expansion and improvement.


Thinking itself is the only obstacle.


This service is unique enough to the point many communities (e.g., spiritual, wellness, publishing, etc.) are unused to embracing it.


Credibility comes easily since this is direct. You do it all. Listen, feel, see and more!


⚬ For a warmup, see light energy/ auras (all colors, white or rainbow light) on your hands.

⚬ There are 1,000's of photos of Angels (static photos may move/ change color).

⚬ 3 color blind people saw colors via "Angel light." Anyone can see Angel light.

⚬ Some may meet passed-over loved ones, plus pets. This is direct & up to Angels.

⚬ Expand one's existing intuitive skills, plus gain confidence.

⚬ With eyes closed, visit India, a Native American setting, Hawaii, Tibet, an Oasis, etc. Sit  

     with Angels & others for a Q&A, healing, ceremonial & other sessions. Go surfing too!!

⚬ See your soul with eyes open. Also, walk the Akashic Records with Angels (eyes closed).

⚬ People may hear & see as a group too. Each person must own this individually first.

⚬ Allow Angels to bring you a hummingbird made of Rainbow Light in the air before you.

Whatever you allow for in life is what you bring in.


Allow for more Love.
Let Angels assist you today!



A 9/27/23 testimonial (1 min) from Australian Katrina Collins.
She's the founder of Butterfly Media, a digital marketing & advertising agency.

A wonderful 3/20/23 testimonial (2:38) from Healer Amy Stark.
She is host of the "Stark Transformation Show."

A 3/31/22 testimonial (2:07) from ATX's Skip Kelly on his January session.
Skip's multi-talented guy and hosts the "Becoming a Fulfillionaire" podcast.

A 2/22/22 testimonial (1:30) from Buddhist Chaplain Mark Shimada in Prague
on his January session with Michael.
Mark is also an artist, coach, speaker & consultant.

A 10/14/21 testimonial (1:20 min) from Healer, Author & Podcast/ Radio Host
Paula Vail in Tacoma, Washington.

Her award-winning book is "Why Am I So Happy?"

Her "Elevating Your Life" show airs on NYC KMET 1490 AM, on KMET TV (Southern CA market of 3.5mm viewers) & via Patreon.

Michael was her guest twice in 2021 and once in 2023.

Lisette in Sweden provides this 10/3/21 testimonial in English & Swedish (2 min).
She met Mother Teresa back in India in 1997 to adopt two infants
and then got to meet her again in 2021, plus tons of Angels, of course!
A 5/7/21 testimonial from Norway's Nickolas Ite (2 min) on a session with Michael.


Hundreds have asked this question of Angels, Mary, etc., especially during the first 7+ years when Michael donated his time. Here's how Angels, Dull Knife, Red Shirt, Geronimo, Mary, etc. replied:

  • Helping People See, Feel & Hear Angels
  • Helps You Open Your Heart
  • Helps Connect You with Your Potential
  • Shows Path Ahead & Gives Comfort
  • Gives & Teaches Compassion
  • Intuitive Development
  • Helps Others Find Who They Are, What Their Purpose in Life Is & How To Get There
  • Helps People Find Their Lost Paths & Joys
  • Introduces You to New Sources of Wisdom
  • Connects You to Parts of Yourself That Have Atrophied
  • Keeps You Working on Yourself
  • Shows People the Love Inside
  • Helps People Open to Support & Connection to the Unseen
  • Brings Fun Playful Energy
  • Clearing Energy & Tools
  • Parent, Coach, Friend, Consultant, Surveyor, Healer, Non-Conformist, Teacher, The Boatsman, Free Spirit, Shaman Friend, like a Midwife, & Aide
  • Helps You to Search for Your Answers, to Find Others & to Express Results
  • Assists You to Uncover a Path, Pushes You Forward & Encourages
  • Focuses People on Positive Energies
  • Makes Cosmic Connections
  • Shows the Way through Many Questions to One Answer
  • Get Everyone Singing from the Same Music Sheet
  • Opens Heart, Helps You to Remember Why You're Here & What You Exist to Do, and Helps You Stay on the Path
  • Helps You Expand Your Gifts
  • Assists You to Get In Touch with Your Inner Being
  • Loves Himself for Others to Experience
  • Teaches More is Possible & Unwavering Confidence
  • Helps You Out of Your Head & Into the Heart
  • How to Take Your Skills to the Next Level
  • Teaches Validation, Confidence, Understanding & Faith Itself
  • How to Find Your Energy & What You Should Already Know
  • Brings Out Warrior Spirit Coyote Medicine
  • Wants Everyone to Know Their Angels
  • Wants Us All to Have Peace
  • Teaches That You Have the Power to Change & Be What You Want
  • Makes People Remember How to Love
  • Makes People Smile

  • Shows Possibilities

  • Spiritual Guidance without Dogma

  • Helps You to Meet & Tame Ego

  • Shows Other Healers How to Expand

  • Shows What's Always Been in Life & Around You

  • Teaches How to See Things Differently

  • Assists with Overall Wellness

  • Helps You See Bigger Picture, Especially When Stuck in Old Orbits

  • Shows People Their Worth & Purpose in World

  • Brings Out Warrior Spirit Coyote Medicine

  • Moves People into Their Heart

  • Shows a Clear Path with Clear Goals & How to Act on Them

  • Opens the Door to "Our" Realm for Others to Experience (Archangel Gabriel said that one.)

  • Sees & Photographs the Energy of Guides, Angels & Elementals

  • Supports You to Grow in Wisdom

  • Provides a Way to Discover Your Inner Answers

  • Supports You to Channel Your Highest Self

  • Helps You to Lose the Ego & Relax the Mind

  • Acts as a Resource for Other Knowledge & Guides

  • Fills Heart with Love so You can Connect Above

  • Creates Your Call to Action with Angel Process

  • Comforts You & Reiterates What You Already Know

  • Teaches You to Notice Things - What's Right in Front of You

  • Helps People Connect with Personal Angels & Angels He Knows

  • Provides Opportunity for Growth & Expansion

  • Teaches Other World. Spirit.

  • Helps People to Find What is Needed Within Themselves Instead of Seeking it from Outside Sources

  • Helps You Look Past Distraction

  • Validates Your Truth, Encourages Your Track & Sees What You Lack

  • How to Connect The Dots & Make the Sum Larger than the Parts

  • Teaches What You Know, Mindfulness & Spirituality

  • Opens Your Door, Self Love & Let Go of the Past

  • Wants to Rid the World of Anger

  • How to Love Yourself

  • Helps Others Find Themselves

  • Transdimensional Channeling for a Multidimensional Experience

  • Teaches Opening Openness

Remember that Angels and you take all the steps together.
Allow, Ask & Receive!


Back at the start of all of this, Michael asked Angels for a name to call his service.
He slept on
it and was given the name "Whisk" from an Angel named Charlotte.

So Michael turned the act of helping folks let go to meet Angels into "Whisking."

A full "Whisk" session is about Creative Transformation.

Open your heart and let Angels help with your life, career & business needs.

The word "WHISK" makes lots of sense with all the definitions below.

Also, Charlotte was being super creative! WHISK is also an acronym,
based on a comment Michael received more than a decade ago.

Angels turned lemons into lemonade, and they sure did a great job!


© 2023 Michael André Ford

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