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"Michael André Ford is a duracellbunny as we say here in Sweden. The moment we connected I could feel how fun the experience would be. He is dedicated to serving others through a very energy-filled, funny process whereby your heart will open up. Seeing energy through a series of fun exercises was exciting and simple. His laugh is infectious and he may just dance for you as he did during our session. I loved his book “Listening to Angels”. It’s a quick read which can even be done daily. He’s a genius! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!"

"Micheal André Ford är en riktig duracellkanin. Så fort vi såg varandra började jag nästa skratta. Han är lättsam och använder sig av en enkel och rolig process för att hjälpa en att öppna sitt hjärta. Hans skratt är smittsam och han även dansade för att få mig att skratta ännu mer. Helt galet. Hans bok ”Listening to Angels” är super lättläst. Så lätt det var att se energi och känna änglars närvaro genom Michaels enkla och och rolig process. Han är en geni! På med bältet och njut av resan!"

Lisette Comeault

A Canadian in

Kungsbacka, Sweden

October 2, 2021

AMAZON BOOK REVIEW for Michael's "Listening to Angels" book:

5-Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review

YOU CAN DISCOVER THAT ANGELS EXIST AND ARE READY TO HELP US IF WE ASK (reviewed in the USA on 9/15/21 & Verified Purchase)

"One of the modern world's best kept secrets is that angels actually exist and really can and do help us.
Listening to Angels by Michael A. Ford provides all you will need to verify this for yourself; all for the price of a good cup of coffee and the time it takes to enjoy it.
I highly recommend that you buy this little book, read it, and try out Michael's simple step-by-step recommendations.
At very least it is fun and entertaining and at best, with the help of your angel allies, might open up the windows and doors of your heart and mind so that light and unconditional love can come streaming in.
Angels are standing by to help us answer our questions, solve our challenges and achieve our goals; but it is our responsibility to ask. Michael provides an effective framework for accomplishing this joyful responsibility.
Arthur M. Dodge
September 15, 2021
Walt Thiessen Tree.jpg

"I finished a marathon session with Michael about an hour and a half ago. I just took a nature walk to recover. No, I was not devastated. I was exhilarated, and it takes some time to adjust to the new level of exhilaration.

When I first met and interviewed Michael on my LOA Today podcast, I thought he was a bit scattered, but I also thought he could help me specifically. I gladly booked a session with him, not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

It turns out that the "scattered" part is actually part of what he does intentionally. Think of Robin Williams for a moment. A brilliant comedian, Robin didn't wait for his audience to catch up to him. He just flitted from one humorous thought to the rest, and it was up to you to keep up. The result was the historically funniest man of all time.

Michael does tell jokes to make you laugh, but it's just part of his overall technique. The scattered part is really just him thinking faster than he can speak. The resulting verbiage that comes out is full of incomplete sentences and half-formed expressions. But it's not a weakness. It's actually an unexpected strength.

What he does is to use his rapid-fire approach to bypass your conscious, left-brained-thinking, linear, egoistic conscious mind, which enables him to get at your heart, where he can get you to open your heart. I can tell you that by the time we were done, and I had a moment to take stock of what had happened, I realized that I was open from the crown of my head down to my toes. No part of me was closed off. I was 100% open.

For someone like me who has wanted to learn more about opening up and connecting to my inner being, it's definitely the help I needed. At the same time, it's not my usual, old state, so it's not comfortable. It doesn't hurt. It isn't bad. It's just overwhelming. And so, it takes a lot of time afterward to get used to it, to make it part of one's day-to-day sense of "normality".

Of course, what was "normal" before is not at all what my new "normal" is like after  just one session. To someone looking at me from outside, it's like seeing someone they really like. During my walk that I just competed, I passed a few dozen people. Every one of them greeted me or smiled at me. Well, maybe not every one, but certainly 95% of them. People who I have seen before who ignored me were giving me close attention with big smiles on their faces. So that gives you an idea of what I look like from outside with my new "normal".

Inside, I now feel that I have a much better ability to connect internally. From an objective viewpoint, I'm still learning to crawl. But from the perspective of one who has been working on himself for such a long time, it is like taking a huge giant step. I have to keep going on my own. I need to keep working on it in order to develop it to the level I ultimately want to reach, but now I have a strong idea how to do it.

The angels are there to help you get where you want to go."

Walt Thiessen

"LOA Today" Podcaster & Motivational Speaker

Weatogue, CT

September 11, 2021


AMAZON BOOK REVIEW for Michael's "Listening to Angels" book:

5-Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review (Verified Purchase)


"If you are looking for a quick simple, straight-to-the-point guide to connect with different spirit guides - this is the only book you need.


The word "angels" is almost like a segmentation for people who have a different attachment to the word, but fear not, it's more about being open and aware of the different support the universe has available for you at all times.


Have a busy mind? Want to open up more? Want to push your limits of what you believed was possible?


Stop reading reviews and start reading this book."



June 23, 2021


"Michael is one of those rare individuals who combines fun, enthusiasm, compassion and empathy to bring a truly valuable experience to those he interacts with. I know from first hand experience how dedicated he is to helping people reach their potential through inspiration and bringing valuable energetic connections into their lives. His unbounded energy will move you in a positive direction."

Paul Sugar

Director, Scottsdale Institute for Health and Medicine Center for Mindfulness

Scottsdale, AZ

April 22, 2021


"Perhaps I am biased as Michael is a fellow Middlebury alum, but his work and the commitment, focus, intensity, thoughtfulness, and dare I say soul that he brings to clients in his sessions are 2nd to none. There is a presence that he forges that generates an opportunity for expansion and the eliciting of insights that really cannot be found within other modalities. His work creates a readily accessible language to and dialogue with resources that seemingly otherwise will go unused in our lives. Plus, if you ever want to witness true professional enthusiasm at work, in motion, have a call with him. Kudos, Michael!"

Bill O'Herron

Director, Cygnus Capital Real Estate Advisors

Austin, TX

April 22, 2021


"Michael jump starts your ability to "see" energy through a series of fun exercises. He brings his infectious joy and wonder to helping people make contact with their innate intuitive capacities. Through a series of guides (angels) he has developed over time, he leads you to connect with the various energies available. In our fast-paced session, I recognized a different resonance with each guide and tapped into their unique personalities for answers to personal questions. I expect to use this technique again to help break through the rational mind's apprehension. In a session with Michael, be prepared for a playful time filled with laughter, a welcome opportunity to relax into an open state of awareness."


Karen Newell

Co-Founder of Sacred Acoustics

Charlottesville, VA

March 5, 2021


"Michael was amazing to spend time with. He was professional and personable. Clearly dedicated to his craft. His work is thorough and thought provoking. It was serious but an enjoyable light energy was all around the work we did. I very much appreciated the insight he provided and how he holds space for incredible experiences to happen. I would happily recommend his services."

Deborah Drummond

Int'l Marketing Director Neora

Co-Host at "The True That" Show

Founder, debdrummond.com, Speaker

Vancouver, CANADA

January 11, 2021


"Michael André Ford is an authentic, uniquely gifted angel communicator, dedicated to serving others through a lively, heart-opening process that facilitates being in touch with one's true Self. It is enlightening and comforting to realize how expansive our life is beyond anything we have so far experienced. Michael offers a playful and wildly original approach for you to open yet unseen windows with new vistas and possibilities for Being. I found myself effortlessly accessing empowering feelings in the language of my childhood. Michael helps bring the sunlight of what truly matters into focus, as your soul opens its guidance to you in a light-hearted way.

Uta Ushana, PhD

Metaphysical Consultant, Painter, Dancer, Educator, Author, Owner of LightWorld Publishing

Portland, Oregon

December 14, 2020

"Michael André Ford ist ein authentischer, einzigartig begabter Engel Kommunikator, der durch seinen lebendigen, gross-mütigen Prozess anderen ermöglicht, mit dem eigenen, wahren Selbst in Verbindung zu treten. Es ist ermutigend und beruhigend zu erfahren, wie umfassend unser Leben ist über all das hinaus, was wir bisher erlebt haben. Michael bietet einen spielartigen und unglaublich originalen Weg an, bisher verschlossene Fenster mit neuen Vistas und Möglichkeiten des Seins zu öffnen. Ich konnte mühelos aufbauende Gefühle in der Sprache meiner Kindheit erleben. Michael hilft anderen mit der Erkenntnis, was wirklich im Leben Substanz hat. Die Seele offenbart ihre Weisheit leichtherzig."

Uta Ushana, PhD

Metaphysischer Berater, Künstlerin, Tänzerin, Autor, Besitzer, LightWorld Publishing

Portland, Oregon

December 14, 2020

"I'm very grateful that Michael offered me the opportunity to start learning how to communicate with angels and to experience them and their world. Audrey Hepburn smiled at me! She really did! That was my most exciting moment during our session. And it was great to SEE the energy between two of my fingertips. Michael is a fun guy and nice to talk to. I learned that "The more you let go, the more you flow." Thank you, Michael."


Hamburg, GERMANY

November 29, 2020

"Ich bin sehr dankbar dass Michael mir die Gelegenheit gegeben hat in die Welt der Engel "hineinzuschnuppern" und dort erste Begegnungen zu haben. Audrey Hepbrun hat mich angelächelt! Wirklich! Für einen kurzen Moment hat sie ihren Mudwinkel zu einem Lächeln gehoben. Das war cool. Es war auch klasse, die Energie zwischen meinen Fingerspitzen zu SEHEN. Michael ist ein netter Typ und es macht Spaß sich mit ihm zu unterhalten. Was ich gelernt habe ist, dass man umso mehr im Fluss ist je mehr man loslässt. - Raus aus dem Kopf, rein ins Herz! Danke, Michael."




November 29, 2020

"Dear Michael and his guides of beautiful angels and beings, I am so glad to find you. I needed you and you came to me in the right time. 


I am so happy and still shocked from the session. It was two hours but it felt like 12 minutes and I wished it would never end.

I traveled to the most unique heavenly place in our meditation and still can visit anytime I want and that's all because of Michael's amazing gift.

And for sure we will do a second session, because I want to discover another place and beings.

Thank you, Michael, for making me feel so relaxed. Talking to you was as if we knew each other before.

Really appreciate you and till we meet again."


Abeer (AKA "Aby")

State of Qatar

October 17, 2020


(NOTE: Everything in the service is direct, with eyes open. Short guided meditations are also offered (e.g., trips, ceremonies, etc.). Michael spends a few minutes setting this up verbally but Angels plus other loving figures take over and run the show. Either way, the service is VERY direct, special and fun.)


"Michael André Ford is simply Mesmerizing!


Sometimes, people come into our lives and impact us in such a way that it leaves us simply... speechless! Michael is such a One!

He possesses a gentle, kind, loving, and emphathetic nature; his essence is nurturing and comforting.


Michael's incredible gifts enable us to reach out to awe-inspiring energies like Geronimo and our Angels.


He is truly an Angel!

I am so grateful for Michael's generosity and gracious support. If you haven't sessioned with Michael, I strongly urge you to reach out to him!


My experiences with Michael have subsequently transformed every moment since with more beauty, light, positivity and joy than before!

That's high, super high vibration living!

I'm looking forward to our next moments!"

Cassandra Seidenfeld

Actor, Writer, Producer, Entrepeneur, Satya Rising Productions, LLC

New York, NY

October 13, 2020


"I’ve turned from skeptic to believer. My session with Michael was intense, lasting over 2 hours. Michael's super energetic, happy vibe coupled with a sharp intuitive skill led me to interaction with angels and guides. This has brought fresh clarity and purpose to many areas of conflict and inactivity in my life. I'm in gratitude to Michael for this experience: the opening for a new gateway to awareness for me. It was an incredible experience for me that that I would recommend to anyone who is willing to open their heart and mind to the infinite possibilities of the Universe."


Denzil Oconnell

Multi Award-winning Indian Journalist and Yoga & Meditation Mentor

New Delhi, India

August 18, 2020

And Denzil's testimonial in Hindi:

माइकल के साथ मेरा एंजेल सेशन 2 घंटे का था. पर समय का पता ही नहीं  चला. केवल एक ही सेशन में मैं आस्तिक से विश्वास करने लगा था. माइकल की एनर्जी तथा खुश मिजाज चरित्र से में बहुत प्रभाबवित हुआ हूँ | उनका इंटुइशन बहुत तेज़ है

जिसके ज़रिये से उन्होंने मुझे कई एंजेल से मिलवाया | सोचो की में खुद साईं बाबा से मिला और उन्होंने मुझे मार्गदर्शन करवाए| ये एक्सपीरियंस में कभी नहीं भूलूंगा.

माइकल से जूम कॉल प्रति मिल्ना एक अदभुद अनुभव था। पूरा पैसा वसूल!

इससे मेरे को अपने सामने अपने भविष्य का रास्ता साफ़ दिखाई देने लगा.

कम से कम एक बार उनके साथ ये सेशन ज़रूर करना चाहिए. इस से बहुत सारे सवालों के जवाब मिल जाते हैं. मैं माइकल के सफलता की कामना करता हूं

डेन्ज़िल ओकोनेल

मल्टी अवार्ड विजेता भारतीय पत्रकार

योग और ध्यान मेंटर

नई दिल्ली भारत



"Michael reached out to me at a very difficult time in my life when my mom unexpectedly passed away and offered me a session. With his joyful and playful nature, Michael guides you to elevate your vibrational frequency to open your mind to see beyond and connect with the spirit realm. Joining with Michael, because of his pure intention, gave me so much comfort and joy at a very challenging time in my life. This was truly a blessing that helped me move through my grief with ease and grace. I am eternally grateful to him."

Ingrid Garcia-Hansen Honkala

NASA Oceanographer, Author, Life Coach & Recognized NDE Expert

Long Beach, MO

July 12, 2020


"Michael is a fantastic, deeply compassionate, and refreshingly enthusiastic intuitive guide. He reminds you of and brings you in touch with your limitless potential. At the same time, he shifts your focus away from your busy mind and towards your wide open heart-space, where anything is possible. Michael's guidance inspires hope, joy, and zest for life! His empathy and a deep sense of compassion are truly special. His sessions are a real treat - keep an open mind and you will have a fun and meaningful experience!"

Maria Elena Knolle

Content Creator/ Writer/ Blogger/ Language+Yoga Teacher/ Media+Communications expert/ Trilingual Cultural Scientist (M.A.)

Marbella, Andalusia, SPAIN

June 22, 2020


"If you are looking for angel guidance to support you, to get the clarity you want and the answers that can push you forward, then book a discovery session with Michael André Ford that your soul will thank you for."

Tony J. Selimi

#1 Author, "A Path to Wisdom" & "The Unfakeable Code"

Int'l TEDx Speaker & Business-Leadership Coach


May 28, 2020


"This is amazing! My experience with you during my session blew my mind and opened the gates of my heart. They are everywhere! I have to say that my life will never be the same after I met the angels! They are my best friends and I can call them anytime, anywhere for everything! I am in love, I am living in love! I am so appreciative of you Michael André Ford."

Claudia Devyani

Holistic Health Healer

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, BRAZIL

May 19, 2020


"The angel connection experience with Michael Ford was so unforgettable, magical and fun for me! The way he guided me to connect with angels and other helping spirits was a bit challenging and at the same time gentle and comfortable. His fun and spontaneous energy was contagious and at the same time compassionate. I couldn't help but feel love throughout my body at the end of the session. An incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone who resonates with his work and style."

Edgar Sanchez

Founder & Life Coach, Pink Lotus Coaching

Austin, TX

April 22, 2020


"Intense, intuitive, and incomparable, Michael has a talent for helping summon the spirits and angels of the world to provide you the kind of guidance no therapist, coach, or psychic could ever offer. His enthusiasm and playfulness make it a joyful experience, but his talent gives it a depth that helps you know 'this stuff is real.' "

Chip Conley

Founder, Modern Elder Academy

Hotelier, Author, Airbnb Exec & 2010 TED Talk Speaker

Austin, TX

March 24, 2020


"If you are open to support and guidance in these challenging times, I recommend a session with Michael Ford. Angels and guides await at the edge of what we allow, and Michael can help show the way.”

Barnet Bain

Film Director, Eckhart Tolle’s “Milton’s Secret” movie

Writer/Producer, “Celestine Prophecy”

Creativity Teacher & Speaker, Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, Kripalu, Columbia University's Spirituality Mind Body Institute

Los Angeles, CA

March 19, 2020


"A glowing review would not be enough. Working with Michael was an honor, a privilege and a great joy. Our session was of incredible value and impact, with more benefit than could be noticed all at once. I have meant many in his field and none like him at all. His clarity, confidence, kindness and commitment are unsurpassed. I can only conclude with great thanks and a hope you will be touched by his important work."

Jonathan Ellerby

ex-Canyon Ranch Spiritual Director

Author, "Return to the Sacred" (Hay House)

President, Mindful Wellness Travel

Director, Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality

Louisville, CO

February 12, 2020


"Mike has a unique way of reminding us of our priorities. He seems to show up, just when we need to get out of a negative Bardo, and uses deities to align us with our own strengths."


Andrea Adler

Metaphysical Marketer, Author & Storyteller

Thousand Oaks, CA

July 3, 2019


"When Mike contacted me to ask if I wanted to learn how to contact angels, I was skeptical. But hey, I need all the help I can get! It took a few tries but I am very pleased that working with Mike has opened up my spiritual vision again. The spirit world coexists with this human realm. We are interconnected. Angels are all around us and if you would like to know more, please let Mike know and he'll help you out. This is not a gimmick. He's the real deal."


Laurie Nadel, Ph.D.

Psychologist & Author

New York, NY

January 15, 2019

Goodreads Review for Michael's "Listening to Angels" book:

4-Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review

"Hoopla ebook - a short and simple breath of fresh air. As my Dad used to say "you are not going to learn anything bad here..." Let's step out of egos, live in our hearts and enjoy the magic within!

I read this quickly but will go back and read slowly and savor my thoughts."

Blanche's Review

November 18, 2018


"In my particular line of work I come across many who claim to be able to help guide and enhance their clients desires for deeper connections to Source. In working with Michael, he brings to the table a joyful, insightful and refreshing way to help others know they are not alone."

Marcie Anderson

President, Corporate Wellness Consultants

Mount Pleasant, SC

September 5, 2018


"Michael Ford’s counseling was highly instrumental at a crucial period and can’t express enough gratitude to him for sharing his gift. Michael is fully present, passionate and extraordinary with his help."

Meg Pryor

Owner, Carpe Diem Photography

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

September 2, 2018


“Michael Ford embodies unique gifts which he brings to bear in the service of humanity. If you wish to cultivate a deeper sense of intuition or a much broader view of the world we live in, you will be pleased to find in him a thoughtful, humorous and skilled friend beyond the confines of what you might otherwise think possible. Mike is ahead of his time, and in reading this likely so are you. Welcome to the science, art, and wonder that is your life.”

Dawa Tarchin Phillips

CEO, Teacher and Global Thought Leader

Santa Barbara, CA

March 20, 2018

Maureen Ziji Drake.PNG

“Mike Ford is certainly an angel in training. In our session together he guided me through a series of fun exercises that allowed me to connect more deeply with my higher self and specific angels and guides. What a trip! Tinker Bell was my very favorite.”


Maureen Drake

Curriculum Developer, Omega Institute

Rhinebeck, NY

Jan. 25, 2018


AMAZON BOOK REVIEW for Michael's "Listening to Angels" book:

5-Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review


"Loving and authentic. A reminder to go within, a reminder that we are deeply loved, that there is angelic help, and that we need only ask. This book helps us remember what got concealed by the ego: the divine light in our Heart, in our humanity. The authors in this book speak wholeheartedly of unconditional love and compassion. Read it and feel the weariness lift!"

Dr. Caroline Eick
Co-founder, Center for Heart-Mind Coherence

Austin, TX

October 16, 2017

Terri Britt.PNG

"Michael Ford’s process for accessing and listening to angels is life-altering and fun! If you haven’t worked with him, I encourage you to do so. You won’t be disappointed."


Terri Britt

Award-winning author of “The Enlightened Mom,”

Radio host of “Leading with Love,” & former Miss USA

Atlanta, GA

October 1, 2017

AMAZON BOOK REVIEW for Michael's "Listening to Angels" book:

5-Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review



"I've been working with angels and listening to them for years. But what I realize by reading "Listening to the Angels" is how little I have asked for their help and guidance. Michael Ford has done a tremendous job of taking readers step-by-step so that not only do we realize we all have access to the angels, but with deep introspective questions we can receive the guidance we need to create a life of grace and ease."

Terri Britt

Award-winning author of “The Enlightened Mom,”

Radio host of “Leading with Love,” & former Miss USA

Atlanta, GA

September 28, 2017


"Michael opens up new worlds to those who are fortunate to work with him. His enthusiasm and passion are infectious, as he guides you toward new perceptions and insights. I personally gained innumerable insights into aspects of my life that I needed more clarity and direction in. And the tools he offers can be utilized after the sessions to help anyone navigate their daily decisions and long term life goals. Thank you Michael for sharing your spirit with us!"

Ian-Michael Hebert

Director of Projects, Esalen Institute

San Francisco, CA

August 26, 2017


AMAZON BOOK REVIEW for Michael's "Listening to Angels" book:

5-Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review


"Such a sweet, uplifting little book for anyone seeking answers to life questions. I stumbled onto Listening to Angels quite syncronistically, which I guess is how angels work! Having gone through a difficult time recently, I was seeking answers from outside the usual places and this book helped me open up to another realm of possibilities.

The author provides a simple, and fun guidebook to connecting to angels. And offers guidance and wisdom in the process. This book is a breath of fresh air, asking us to step outside our egos, move into our hearts, and discover the magic that lies within it. Listening to Angels helped me believe in angels again and trust in the life journey I am on. It’s small enough to read almost as a daily practice to keep you in its elevated energy and open to new ideas and beliefs."

Lynnda Pollio
Author, Trusting the Currents

New York, NY

August 4, 2017

"I recently started working with Mike. It’s been nothing like I expected but everything I needed. Mike helps you see your challenges from a different perspective and does not let you wallow in them, but lifts and redirects you towards a positive outlook and outcome. His visionary work with angels and masters challenges your belief system (or maybe not) while bringing comfort in working within the unknown, where all great breakthroughs and miracles happen. If you are ready to jump into a powerful way of finding solutions, understanding yourself, and creating a new reality in your life, Mike will open an expansive pathway to follow. And hold on! It’s going to be an exciting adventure. I’m looking forward to seeing where his high frequency work takes me."

Lynnda Pollio

Award-winning Author, "Trusting the Currents", Communications Strategist & Business Development Consultant

New York, NY

July 21, 2017


"Having the opportunity to work with Michael and his team of angels was like riding a bike as he'd say, but a bit more in the way the kid in E.T. did. The time and effort he gave to prepare and empower me to listen, see, sense and know the number of guides present made me feel very reassured throughout the process at how real and how close the answers I've been seeking were. Michael's gifts, his passion to serve, exuberance and sense of humor are joined by his insight and a grounded approach that brought me a wealth of understanding I am grateful for. With this work I can again sense heaven on earth, and know that everyone would benefit from learning with him."

Paul Hertel

Creative Producer

Los Angeles, CA

July 10, 2017

"Michael A. Ford really helps people to connect with Angels. He makes it fun for people to experience Angels. He is doing a great job and it really works, only let go yourselves and experience the inner person in you and you can actually feel/ experience the Angels."

Nicodimos (Jacob) Philip


June 9, 2017


"I fully recommend Mike. He helped me cancel out the non-helpful noise of the world around me to find clarity of thought and consciousness. That allowed me to discover valuable answers to some pressing life questions. Thank you Mike!"

John Clark


Austin, TX

February 26, 2017


"Mike Ford is a fascinating, passionate, caring human being. The work he does to help people get in touch with higher intelligence - in the form of angels and beings not of this world - is highly challenging to our cherished left brain linearity. But as you let go and experience the process through the heart, amazing information unfolds, information that is useful in every aspect of life. I would do it again, in a heartbeat, and in fact plan to. We all need cues and signposts along the way of our unfoldment and Mike has created a highway filled with them."​


Bruce Cryer

co-founder of Renaissance Human & former CEO of HeartMath

New York, NY

Feb. 21, 2017


"Michael is a thoroughly attentive, fun and professional guide when it comes to tapping into your intuition and asking for guidance from a higher source. In my dealings with Michael I found him to be kind, caring and extremely attentive. What I loved best about working with Michael is that he helps you to review your choices, determine if you would you make the same choice again and whether you are on the right path or need to make another choice. If you're looking for answers, the big picture and to get your intuition in flow I highly recommend tuning into to Michael."

Alexandria Joy

CEO, UQ Power

Merewether, NSW, AUSTRALIA

February 18, 2017

iTunes Review for Michael's "Listening to Angels" book:

5-Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review

"This book is full of delight! It's a super simple way to understand all the possibility we have in our hands. It empowered me to take action, let go of ego and live thru compassion. So much clarity and peace following this easy process. Well Done, Michael, grateful for your Angel Gifts: +)  Thank you!"

Verified Customer

February 8, 2017


"I had a session with Mike recently and had a wonderful experience. He guided me through a series of exercises that enabled me to tune in to my heart and get in touch with my inner compass."

Estella Arias

Founder, New Chapter Editions Literary Agency

Miami, FL

January 30, 2017


"Mike acts as a coach and conduit to help launch you before angels (known and unknown). You'll interact directly with them and get answers to important business and life issues, big and small. Learning his simple yet powerful methods will change your thought process as barriers to what is hidden dissolve. Say goodbye to those self-help books and hello to your successful future!"

Elise Krentzel

Marketing, Public Relations & Business Professional

Austin, TX

January 19, 2017


"Wow! As a journalist who writes reviews of outstanding, leading edge change makers, I am at a loss of words regarding the powerful and inspiring gifts of Michael A. Ford. Sometimes we are stuck and need help, we cry out for signs from the Universe that can assist us in transforming our ‘lemons into lemonade’ and all we need is to become inspired to find our own inner guides. When you’ve tried all the self-help, personal growth gurus, seeking answers, and find that it’s the same thing, over and over and over again (definition of insanity). At some point, if you’re lucky enough to cross paths with such an ‘angel’ as Michael, you will know that you have reached the point of no return. After spending several intense hours exploring the inner landscape of your core, you will be lifted up to a place inside yourself that is an anchor to access your own personal guides, angels, inner wisdom. Michael is the catalyst, the guide, the gift you are given, to heal yourself. With unrelenting commitment to making sure you get unstuck, he will stop at nothing to make sure you ‘get it’! He is truly a master at helping you to find your own inner gurus and the end result is beyond words. Getting unstuck is the beginning of a lifetime relationship with the wise beings of this universe that are here to help us all get out of our own way to become our highest and best selves. When the student is ready, the master appears, and YES! I was ready and now I’m on my way to the ultimate joy, bliss and success I have dreamed of for decades. Thank you Michael for all the time, effort, commitment and assistance you provide to uplift and inspire us to living our best life, NOW!"

Marjorie Rothstein

Contributing Writer at MEDIUM

Los Angeles, CA

January 18, 2017


"I would honestly with great integrity choose to recommend Michael for his straight honest 'truth' based energies, in getting the job done. His approach is simple, direct and you take the 'responsibility' for your choices, as it should be. The framework in the way of delivery is ethical and with strong precise communications in all aspects with you as the 'client' in mind at all times. I honor his sense of humor as we all need a reminder to lighten our own load...plus I enjoy all his helpers and co workers in spirit. He is surely a compliment to anything you do in business, especially with moving forward. Thank you!"


Rosie Trakostanec

White Elk Medicine Woman PTA/ Author/ Speaker/ Facilitator

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

September 2, 2016


"Mike helps you to open your heart and get out of your head, which is no small task! He helps you to reconnect to the "unseen" support that's all around you no matter your spiritual orientation by expediting meetings with his and your spirit guides. Working with him is like being on a playground where the "gang is all here," and you get to play with and bask in the loving energies together. Mike is all about fun, joy, and peace. He seems to be on a mission to remind us to not take it all too seriously... and that there's more to us and our lives than what meets the eye."

Angela Loeb

Resume Development, Personal Branding & Career Strategy

Austin, TX

August 16, 2016


"Michael and his Generous Spirit will bring you on a Glorious Journey to meet and connect with Angels and other Profound Teacher Deities. Breathe Deeply, Open your Big Beautiful Heart and Receive the Guidance you may have been waiting for."

Mel (Mary) Finnerty

Transformational Coach

New York, NY

August 15, 2016

Eileen Whitlock.jpg

"Michael is a gift that keeps on giving. He connected me with a Divine being I have waited a lifetime to be with. My session was so fun and rewarding. :)"

Eileen Whitlock, CPA


Austin, TX

August 11, 2016


"Amazing Grace that's what the Angels and Mike put in place. An experience that is a gift from heaven, that can only further enhance my imagination and improve the divine daily orchestration for more good things to come. So grateful for Mike and his gift, the whole experience provided my spirit a lift. Well communicated, coordinated and collaborated. Mike simply wants to set you up for success so that you can be your best. This was a totally new experience for me and it was super simple, organized and perfectly timed to communicate with the divine. I can see this being a great tune up every year as life continues to flow and change. What I loved is the customization that Mike incorporates into the whole angel range. Worth every ounce of prep and performance time, highly valued customized session. Keep up the Greatness Mike. Thank YOU!"

Kimberly Hall

Milwaukee, WI

August 1, 2016


“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.”

― John Quincy Adams


On the weekend of the 4th of July, Michael's work is acting as a magical talisman. He and his family of angels came into my life unexpectedly. I believe we all are needing a little nudge or larger assistance with celebrating "Independence from those things which are holding us back from truly shining." Being our original happy selves! So from Mike's invitation, I entered a new world... Even though I have spoken with various animals (non-humans) over many years and heard and felt their thoughts and feelings, with memories too, this was my first BIG opportunity into the angelic realm. Thank-you Michael for being a lovely facilitator, teacher, guide, and bridge. Helping to connect the dots and removing doubt, so faith, hope, love and joy can be brighter again in my life and those we touch!"


Dove Joans

Author & Creative Conservationist

Lahaina, HI

July 4th, 2016


"Met Magic Mike at just the right moment in my life... coincidence? I think not. Too perfect of a juxtaposition of time, place, need, and my own readiness to hear the message. Mike invited me into his beautiful home, and introduced me to 'the crew' without dogma or judgment, and always with just the right nudge to help me see, feel and hear. To say the experience was profound would be an understatement, and indeed I've been having profound experiences ever since that day. Thank you, thank you, thank you Magic Mike!!"

Jon Erik Johannesen Slizza

Founder, Qhipas Footwear & Business Consultant

Austin, TX

May 11, 2016


"Magic Mike, that's his name.. All you have to do is believe just a little in yourself and his energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of all things under the sun will blow your socks off. Then you will put on your shoes, thinking cap and feeling heart on and be ready to explore any world that you want to confidently with your "crew" by your side. Business, relationships, Nirvana (both the music as well as the real deal)...anything you want to explore, he will point in the direction to look. You just have to look and then off you leap. I am making quantum leaps...and loving it. THANK YOU MAGIC MIKE! GRACIAS! GRACIE MILLIE! MERCI! SHUKRAN! DHANYAVAAD....need I say more?"

Chikki (Riti) Chikkerur

Business Professional

Austin, TX

May 11, 2016


"It was curiosity that led me to asking Michael A. Ford about his service because I always knew that I had angels around me but couldn't... didn't know how to look for them. When I had a session with Michael, I went in without any expectation except to enjoy the experience. Before I knew it, it was 6 hours later. It was a very unique, fun and insightful experience that left me feeling inspired. Micheal was professional, funny, and let's say...the salt of the earth type of man. He cared about me as the recipient, having a clear picture of answers and understanding of how I can interact with my new found Angels, and Spirit guides throughout each day. He covered many things including my current goal/project, love, money, and vacations. He also gave me goofy exercises to do on my own, and recommended reading material. I would highly recommend this service for those that have an open heart to life itself, and know how to let go of the thinking mind and just 'be'. As a Reiki Master and Life Coach I resonate with this, because I do understand the limitations and gifts that the mind can bring. The mind can be a wonderful servant or a terrible master. We need to learn how to switch it on and off. Our greatest treasures are at our heart center, and can be visited throughout our day, in the present moment...the space between thoughts. And in this space are infinite possibilities of insight, pure love, Spirit (God) and...Angels.


Love and Light, Lily Sanders Author/ Reiki Master/ Life Coach"

Lily Sanders

Author, Expert Media Contributor & Speaker

New York, NY

April 18, 2016


"I just spent time with Michael exploring my own relationship and connection to angels. Michael has a wonderful system set up to facilitate inquiry and communication. He is an inspirational tour guide! What a great experience. I had so much fun! It felt good to take the time to commit to myself and use his process as a format. Thank you, Michael."

Nita Bryant

Transformational Agent

Portland, OR

April 1, 2016

"Mike Ford is a very unique individual who shares his unusual and special gift, in a loving, nurturing and positive way.

He’s very attentive to all your needs and makes sure you’re in a lighthearted peaceful place before getting started. He explains and teaches in a playful way, how to access your own innate abilities to see and hear angels.

I didn’t know what to expect from my encounter with the work and was delightfully surprised with the outcome! It was fun, and surprisingly easy to make those connections, once I understood how to go about it.

Thank you, Mike, for creating such a beautiful space for the experience and most of all, thank you for being such a calm, caring, sensitive, and cheerful individual on all levels, you’re work is phenomenal!"


Michele Charette

Owner, The House of Light

Austin, TX

February 5, 2016

"I really like talking to Mike, very cheerful and bright!!!! I got a lot out of the meeting for myself and the major one is inner peace and love! Thank you, Mike, for your time and what you do!"


Austin, TX

February 1, 2015


"My session with Mike was everything he promised and more. His guidance has helped me to be able to listen more and connect deeper with my own Spirit guides and most importantly to trust those messages I have been receiving. After a full day of working together and me writing, writing and more writing the messages I received I have almost a book on my life, where I am heading and directions and guidance to follow for my business. I highly recommend working with Mike if you are having any doubts about your internal guidance and want clearer direction on where you are going. Trust your own guidance is what I always say. Mike will help you with this."

Andrea Putting

Speaker, Author & Social Mission Revolutionist

Wonga Park, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

January 20, 2016


"I was invited to attend a session with Mike by a friend and didn’t have any expectations. I am familiar with the spirit world and know from first-hand experience that spirits are amongst us. But I was pleasantly surprised, leaving with pages and pages of notes that I wrote from angels about my life. It was a fun experience and I came away feeling blessed with new to me angels for my team, clarity about how to use them and understanding how unlimited the opportunity is to ask for help. For that I am very grateful. I recommend it!"

Jon Zieve

Master Coach and ProAdvisor Coach

Austin, TX

June 17, 2015


"In life or in work, if you feel like you’re getting in your own way of success, you probably are! Book an angel session with Mike to discover the answers that are already there, waiting for you. All you have to do is show up and ask the questions."

Janna Fain

Strategist, Facilitator & Negotiator

Ignite Business Services

Austin, TX

June 8, 2015


"Michael has a unique way of leading one to their innate abilities in hearing/listening to and seeing angels easily. He makes it fun, lighthearted and at the same time imparts valuable and profound information and has you write it all down for future use. His space is beautiful and the energy lovingly cared for as he shows great care for your energy."

Sherry Williams

Life & Spiritual Coach

Austin, TX

June 1, 2015


"I was impressed with Mike for my distance communication. He guides you through the process of connecting and provides specific tools for getting the answers you seek - answers on current questions & for future questions. Mike is upbeat, positive, & energetic. He seems to be focused on helping people in their journey of connecting and is very giving of himself in this process."

Tamara Goldsby, Ph.D.

Research Psychologist, UC San Diego

Faculty, California Institute for Human Science

San Diego, CA

April 18, 2015