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See Auras with Michael (20 min)

See Colors, White or Rainbow Light on your person. (20 min) $50

  • 20 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

This session is 20 minutes via Zoom with Michael. $50 DESCRIPTION If Love really is the fabric of the Universe and everything is energy, then you get to let go long enough with Michael to be in your heart and see your own energy flowing. Ever have a moment when you felt fully alive or connected to Nature, your pet, the ocean, etc.? This is how we connect to our surroundings and connect with each other. It's what athletes, bands, artists, ballet dancers, dance partners etc. all tap into when they perform. See "Unconditional Love" Consciousness or Life itself flowing! What to expect? See Colors, White and Rainbow Light on your hands. You're already doing this "seeing" all the time as it is but right now it is more of a feeling. Why not get out of the brain briefly and be in the Heart? Thinking is the only obstacle. Let Go, Allow & See! Take this very gentle baby step with Michael. He uses humor and other moves to help you relax. Some have seen colors beyond human definition. 3 color blind people have seen colors. What will you Allow for? Breathe, Relax and Find Out! Book your session with Michael today. This is an easy first step for anyone considering the other services on this website.

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