Here's a 3/31/22 testimonial (2:07) from Skip Kelly in Austin on his January session.
Skip's a multi-talented guy who also hosts the "Becoming a Fulfillionaire" podcast.

Mindfulness coach Paul Sugar provides a 2nd testimonial on April 27, 2022
(87 secs) from Sunrise Mountain near the Four Peaks in Scottsdale, AZ.

Paul's the founder of the Scottsdale Institute for Health and
Medicine Center for Mindfulness (located on E. Geronimo Rd.!).

Paul has spent a lot of time with Michael and
has done so with graceful calm and lots of laughter.

He has a 50-year background in meditation and mindfulness
and you couldn't ask for a better instructor!

His website is:

Here's a 2/22/22 testimonial (1:30) from Buddhist Chaplain Mark Shimada
in Prague on his January session with Michael.
Mark is also an artist, coach, speaker & consultant.

American Tera Maxwell, Ph.D. is a Costa Rica-based mindset/ affluence coach
as well as a spiritual healer who provided this Spring 2022 testimonial (52 sec).

Her website is:

Here's a 1/24/22 testimonial (3:21) from New York's Lily Sanders.
She's a fantastic coach, podcast host, award-winning author, expert guest on TV,
a former actress and more. Her website:

Here's a 10/14/21 testimonial (1:20 min) from Healer, Author & Podcast/ Radio Host Paula Vail in Tacoma, Washington. She has a super high, loving vibe.

Her award-winning book "Why Am I So Happy?" is akin to Thich Nhat Hanh's "Peace is Every Step" with its concise simplicity and reminds us all to love more.

Her "Elevating Your Life" show airs on NYC KMET 1490 AM & via Patreon.
Michael was her guest twice in 2021. Visit:

Lisette in Sweden gives this fun 10/3/21 testimonial in English & Swedish (2 min).

She met Mother Teresa back in India in 1997 or so to adopt two infants and then got to meet her again in 2021, plus tons of Angels of course!
Nickolas Ite in Norway gives this 5/7/21 take (2 min) on a session with Michael.
Here's a fun 7/12/21 testimonial (2:30 min) from Australia's Krystal Hille.

Teresa Bruni is a NC healer who provided this generous 8/5/21 testimonial (3:30). Her website is at

Vasi offers this beautiful 8/5/21 testimonial (2 min) from the US Virgin Islands.
She does Divine energy work via Sri Kaleshwar (Indian healer, 1973 - 2012).
Check out her background at

San Antonio's Yessica Garza shares her 7/20/21 take on meeting Angels (2:30 min).

Paul Sugar is a 50-year meditation/ mindfulness expert & founder/ director of the Scottsdale Institute for Health & Medicine Center for Mindfulness (AZ).


Here's the 7/4/21 testimonial (2:30). Website:

A 7/16/21 testimonial (1:50) after much bodyboarding at the beach for Janet Miller. She's the podcast host of "Own Your Divine Light" with 22 guests appearing in Season 4. Michael's episode is posted above in media section.

Bill O'Herron offers this 6/29/21 testimonial (2 min) from ATX. He's studied meditation for 25 years & has a strong financial/ LCSW counseling background.